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Anaheim — Justin Upton’s position in the future of the Angels is uncertain.

After Joe Maddon said he didn’t “anticipate” Upton’s return in the last two weeks, the Angels manager said Upton would “mix with everyone else.” Playing time in the outfield next year.

Upton, 34, has finished his third consecutive unfortunate season. He was on the injured list twice for a back injury, during which time he hit .211 with .705 OPS.

He lost most of 2019 injured and lost his job as he recorded .724 OPS when he played and began the 2020 shortened season so badly. He had a hot finish for the season, but still ended up at .711 OPS.

Upton’s carrier OPS is .814. The left fielder’s Major League Baseball average is .738.

“I like the guy very much,” Maddon said. “He has leadership qualities in the group. He really does, and I would like to believe that there is much more we saw when he was really hot. He carried us for about a month. ”

Upton hit .320 with 1.020 OPS in a 25-game span after the Angels moved to the lead-off spot in late May. Then he hurt his back for the first time, and he wasn’t the same when he returned before he was on the injured list again.

His absence, along with Mike Trout’s injury, allowed the Angels to see Jo Adell and Brandon Marsh longer. Both players show some encouraging signs, but it’s worth noting that Adele still had a .703 OPS and Marsh had a .676 mark towards the game on Monday. ..

Sure, there are reasons to expect Marsh and Adele to gain experience and improve, but Maddon said neither is the key to next year’s daily role.

Angels can obviously be exchanged for Marsh or Adele to add pitching.

“Marsh and Joe, these others are great, but you have to decide how ready they are by next year to take you to where you really want to be. “Hmm,” Maddon said. “Are they really ready to put you in that first department?”

Happy reverse day

Monday is just two years from Mark Langston Was clinically dead Results of ventricular fibrillation for a few minutes in a press box at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Two police officers who happened to be eating in the dining room opposite the Angels radio booth revived Langston, and on Monday morning he sent them a text message to commemorate the day.

“I sent them a text message and thanked them for responding to the tap on God’s shoulder because I needed it,” Langston said on Monday. “Since then, I’m grateful every day. It has a lot to look at. I didn’t think of anything obvious anyway. God’s timing is God’s timing. I’m very grateful. I am. ”


According to Maddon, Shohei Ohtani reported that there was no problem the day after he pitched eight innings. That’s why it was a few days late, as Otani had reported some pain before its start. Maddon said the second day after Otani pitched was usually when he was shocked, so Tuesday will be an important day to decide if and when Otani will resume. Probably. Maddon said, “If he gets out of the way, he’ll probably get another start, yes.” …

What’s next for Angels’ Justin Upton after a rollercoaster 2021 season? – Press Telegram Source link What’s next for Angels’ Justin Upton after a rollercoaster 2021 season? – Press Telegram

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