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On Long Beach Harbor workers qualify for the forefront of the coronavirus vaccine line..

Governor Gavin Newsom wants across the state 10% of Educator Guaranteed Vaccines from now on.But some counties have begun Vaccinate teachers a month ago..

Some counties accept state conclusions. Medical marijuana workers are healthcare workers Eligible for early shots. Others don’t.There is a state-run system Make a vaccine reservation, But countless Other booking systems Used by the county.

Charles Sparlin will receive the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine from EMT Valeria Montes at the St. Mark Baptist Church in Long Beach on February 10.

Despite efforts to standardize California’s approach to immunizing about 40 million people, the theme song could be Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”But that is expected to change in the coming weeks Blue Shield takes over According to the state contract, “a state-wide vaccine network to ensure the rapid delivery of the current supply of COVID-19 vaccine to Californians in compliance with the (state) COVID-19 vaccine allocation guidelines.” ..

Change is coming. Bump is expected. Local authorities remain uncertain exactly when and how it will be implemented. The state says it will provide more information later in the week.

“We’re waiting for an explanation, but in the meantime, we’ll continue to book the second dose and hope to continue the first dose in a new layer next week,” said a spokeswoman for the city of Pasadena. Lisa Darderian said. Health center.. “Yesterday, we updated the COVID-19 vaccine web page to add a contact portal for nursery schools and educators from kindergarten to high school. Starting next week, Los Angeles to add this group to the vaccine. Join the county. “

So let’s take a look at what to expect in the next six months or so as California moves more tentatively towards consistency than ever before. This is taken from state and county sources and data, and from the USC’s Keck Medicine panel (Infectious Diseases Expert Edward Jones-Lopez, and Continuous Care Operations and Improvement Administrator Felipe Osorno). It has been.

Q. Everyone continues to say that vaccine supply is an important issue. So what’s going on?

People will be waiting in line for the COVID-19 vaccine in Encino in January. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Reingewirtz, Los Angeles Daily News / SCNG)

A. Lots. Wednesday, February 24th, The Food and Drug Administration has a third much simpler vaccine — By a branch of pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson — safe and effective. It requires only one shot and can be stored in the refrigerator rather than in a special freezer (such as the more annoying Pfizer and Modana vaccines that require two doses) and was 72% effective in US clinical trials. .. Experts will meet on Friday to recommend the FDA for its use, but are expected to move shortly thereafter to grant an emergency use authorization. J & J plans to issue 100 million times by the end of June.

Q. How about Pfizer and Moderna?

A. Both companies Told Congress this week They have dramatically increased production and plan to administer 300 million doses each by the end of July. This is sufficient for the adult population of the United States. The Blueshield contract with the state stipulates that California must be vaccinated 3 million times a week by Monday, March 1st and 4 million times a week by April 30th. Vaccination of 30 million adults in California still takes time.

Dr. Randy Monson of Kadima Day School in West Hills, Wednesday, October 21, 2020. Kadima Day School is one of a limited number of schools with limited face-to-face reopening permission from the Los Angeles County Public Health Authority. On-campus instructions, the first group to receive such approval in the exemption application process during a coronavirus pandemic. (Photo courtesy of Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News / SCNG)

Q. So will it be normal soon?

A. Everything is relative. “We are still a few months away,” said Jones Lopez of USC. “The main question is to understand whether vaccines prevent infection and infection. We prevent death in a very important way, almost eliminate death, and very much against severe illness. I know it’s protective. Obviously, it’s a big step forward. But if you’re exposed, if you’re vaccinated, you can infect others who aren’t vaccinated. Is it not yet well known. “Currently, most of the information on this comes from the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is widely used in the United Kingdom. “And the data that emerges is very, very optimistic,” he said. “The big picture is that normality is slowly and surely brought about over the months. By June, many important groups will be vaccinated, but children (to prevent infection). For an important group of vaccinations), it will come later. In the first September of the next school year, I feel very close to normal. “

Q. How does Blue Shield affect our efforts?

A. According to USC Osorno, all counties will be on the same page, using the same eligibility criteria throughout the state, and will probably start next week. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to move faster than ever before,” he said. There is one website plan to figure out when and where to get vaccinated instead of using many vaccines, “One of the most important things Blue Shield has in this partnership with the state is. It’s fairness. ” White Californians are vaccinated at a much higher rate than blacks and Latins, and Blue Shield is responsible for turning it around. “There can be problems during the migration,” Osorno warned.

Q. Can Blue Shield help predict supply?

A. Authorities want that. Currently, the county does not know how much vaccine to vaccinate from one week to the next. Clayton Chau, Director of Orange County Healthcare Agency, said: “This is much easier for scheduling purposes when it comes to vaccination.”

Q. Who qualifies when?

A. Elderly people Top priority: According to state data, about 45% of people over the age of 65 have not yet been vaccinated. On March 1st, it will be targeted at frontline essential workers such as school and university teachers, food and agricultural workers, and first aid workers. On March 15th, the eligibility will be expanded to include age groups 16 to 64 with medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes and immune status. We hope that the supply will catch up with the increasing number of people seeking vaccines.

Q. What are your concerns about viral mutations?

A. Coronavirus vaccines can be redesigned to combat new variants, just as influenza vaccines are adjusted to address different strains each year, experts said.

Q. Are there other vaccines coming soon?

A. In the United States AstraZeneca wants the vaccine to receive urgent approval in April. And Novavax has completed Phase 3 trial And the next appointment in the pipeline. “Together, all these efforts are likely to provide hundreds of millions of doses,” Jones-Lopez said. “This is the only way we can control this virus. The most urgent need is to vaccinate as many people as possible, both in this country and in the world.”

What’s next as COVID-19 vaccination drive comes under new management? – Orange County Register Source link What’s next as COVID-19 vaccination drive comes under new management? – Orange County Register

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