What’s in the BTS Meal at McDonald’s? Some disappointment

Millions of fans already think BTS men are a treat. Now they are eating.

From somewhere in the cosmic connection between K-POP and fast food, BTS meals are available today at McDonald’s restaurants throughout the United States (and 10 other countries, but not yet in the band’s home country of Korea). .. However, the lack of the purple BTS-specific packaging found in other countries has disappointed some fans.

A Twitter user said on Wednesday that McDonald’s efforts were “extremely misleading, not to mention that the United States did not intend to get full glory.”

The meal is made with 10 chicken mac nuggets, medium fried, medium cola, and the first two dip sauces in the United States (sweet chili and cajun). The fast-food chain said the flavor was “BTS’s new McDonald’s South Korean-inspired new limited-time sauce.”Just such a strict diet Bulletproof Boy Scout needs.

number, butter Not included.

Meals have fallen to America 10 other countries There will be 11 more hits on Wednesday, Thursday including South Korea. We will march in 50 more countries in May and June, but will only be available in the state until June 20th.

For desserts, there is BTS BTS (“BTS: Behind the Scenes”) content available from the Hamburger Beast app. There are “Immersive Behind-the-Scenes Experience”, BTS x McD Flipbook, “Final Behind-the-Scenes 360 Experiences”, and a virtual portrait series, one dropped each week.

Oh, and of course there are commercials Youtube And Ticktaku With BTS itself.

McDonald’s BTS Meal contains 10 different chicken mac nuggets, medium fries, medium cola, sweet chili, and Cajun dip sauce inspired by McDonald’s Korean recipes.

(PRNewsfoto / McDonald’s Corporation)

And if that’s not enough for your special sauce, we also have a line of products that includes “dynamite threads such as hoodies, purple bathrobes, socks, and sandals.”McDonald’s and BTS Collaboration product line Wednesday of the WeverseShop app. Weverse is a fan community app created by the BTS record label.

Released by BTS members Quotation marks To promote your meal like Rapper RM: “It really makes sense to have a meal named after us. We are very pleased to share your order with you. With this purple package I still can’t believe it contains our name. ”Imagine he wrapping it, it sounds better.

As expected, some fans were enthusiastic about the promotion. One uploaded video of the franchise on Twitter San Francisco Decorated with balloons and BTS photos: “McDonald’s in Stonestown, San Francisco didn’t come to play today !!!”

Minnesota radio station Tweet While BTS member RM was eating a McNugget, “The cashier #McDonaldsXBTS Catch me in today’s fifth drive-through … #BTSMeal

However, many are not happy with the internationally different packages. After fans complained about the location in Marietta, Georgia Did not have all BTS-specific purple items,another Description, ” #BTSMeal In the United States, there are no BTS cups or mac nugget boxes because the packaging varies around the world. Includes screenshots of McDonald’s “Guest Questions” answer list, confirming that these items available in some other countries are not available here.Later in the thread, the user I have written“Adding the sauce doesn’t make it a BTS meal, it’s all about the package.”

another The photo has been posted Of the two meals, only the special package of sauces is shown. “Two weeks later, I really thought @ McDonalds knew BTSARMY very well. They interacted with many of us and many comments that they wanted a package as a souvenir. The United States is complete. It was very misleading, not to mention that I didn’t intend to get glory. It’s very sad. “

Tweeted Side by side photo Regarding the purple cups and mac nugget boxes available in other countries, and the US diet without them, he writes: REALITY DO BETTER USA @McDonalds #BTSMeal #TheSaucesAreGoodThough ”

BTS’s meal is the first of McDonald’s “signature orders” (celebrity-affiliated meals), but other domestic collaborations ( Travis Scott And J Balvin) Product tie-ups are also included.

According to a note McDonald’s sent to the franchisee, Scott’s diet was so much loved by fans when it was released in September 2020 that it lacked key ingredients. -Class supply chain. And if demand continues at these levels, more restaurants will break supply, “note said.

The company later confirmed the relationship between shortages and Scott’s diet. USA Today..

What’s in the BTS Meal at McDonald’s? Some disappointment Source link What’s in the BTS Meal at McDonald’s? Some disappointment

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