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In 2007, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia were broke and desperate to pay the rent for their San Francisco apartment. An industrial design conference was taking place in town and the hotels were all booked. There they provided rest areas, airbeds, breakfast, Wi-Fi, and work desks for those who needed them. They called it an “airbed and breakfast”. What started as an experiment has become the hotel industry’s disruptor, second only to Marriott, worth more than Hilton and Wyndham combined.

Airbnb advantage

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California Short-Term Rental Limits

Airbnb’s phenomenal growth came under lax regulations for short-term rentals. Areas with large Airbnb presence are experiencing increasing noise complaints, parking and garbage problems, forcing rent increases, and sentiment that limits access to affordable rental housing. is rising. As a result, municipalities around the world are tightening restrictions on short-term rentals. Here’s a look at how restrictions vary for some California destinations.

San FranciscoPermanent Residents are allowed short-term rentals, but must spend at least 275 nights per year in units hosting short-term rentals. You must also own it, register the unit, obtain a business registration certificate, and post that certificate number on all advertised properties. City complaints cannot be filed against the entire property. Only 90 nights per year can be rented unhosted and we can provide an accurate listing of hosted and non-hosted stays.


Carmel-by-the-Sea limits home rentals of less than one month, but Monterey County has no such limit. Locations such as River Beach, Carmel Point, and Carmel Valley are outside the zone and may be rented on a weekly basis. Pebble Beach, Carmel Valley, and other homes on the Monterey Peninsula are all one week minimum rentals.

santa monicaThe Santa Monica City Council has passed a “Home Sharing Ordinance” banning short-term vacation rentals. The law allows home sharing. Homesharing is when the host rents one or more bedrooms to her in the home that is the host’s primary residence for no more than 30 consecutive days, while the host lives in the home for the entire duration of the visitor’s stay. The City prohibits vacation rentals of less than 30 consecutive days in whole or in part for temporary exclusive use.

mammoth lakeOnly apartments/condominiums are eligible for overnight rentals. You’ll need to get a city license, have a certified housing inspector inspect it for his local Airbnb/VRBO requirements, pay a fee, and set up online bill payment. Business tax certificate and temporary resident tax certificate are required.

San DiegoAny short-term rental of less than 30 days at a time on a hosting platform like Airbnb must be licensed under San Diego’s Short-Term Residential Occupancy Program. A San Diego Occupancy Tax of 10.5% of the listed price, including the cleaning fee of the reservation, will apply.

before becoming a host

Please note that some cities have laws restricting the acceptance of short-term paying guests. This is often part of city zoning or administrative regulations. You may be required to register, obtain a permit, or obtain a license before listing your property or accepting guests. Certain types of short-term bookings may be prohibited entirely. Local governments vary greatly in how they enforce these laws. Penalties may include fines and other enforcement.

If you’re buying a property solely for hosting during periods of high short-term rental demand, make sure you have a backup plan and skills that will keep you competitive during a downturn.

creative space

Short-term rental platforms have paved the way for overnight stays to become more than just a place to rest your head. Hosts around the world are promoting some unique environments for guests to share on social media platforms and attract more bookings.

Land …

Futuristic UFO House / Joshua Tree, California: This UFO-like little house in the middle of the desert is near Joshua Tree National Park. Of all the coolest Airbnbs in California, the Mushroom Dome might be the weirdest and coolest. With its retro-yet-futuristic design, and extraterrestrial-inspired touches, this his Airbnb in the California desert is his one of the most unique his Airbnbs in the state.

air …

Boeing 737 luxury villa/Bali, Indonesia: In 2021, Russian entrepreneur Felix Demin purchased an abandoned and disused former Mandala Airlines Boeing 737. The aircraft is currently being converted into a two-bedroom villa. A wing top terrace and an infinity pool will also be provided.

Ocean …

THE TIKI HUT / KEY WEST FLORIDA: This floating dwelling is very isolated and requires a boat ride to access. Located just off the Key West shoreline, this tiki hut sleeps up to two of his with a bed and a bath. Hammocks, stand-up paddleboards and front seats offer views of dolphins and manatees.

in the sea

Shark Suite / Paris, France: In 2016, AirBnb partnered with French design firm Ubi Bene to create the first underwater hotel room suite submerged 33 feet deep in an 800,000-gallon tank with 35 live sharks. created. This suite was in the historic Paris Aquarium in front of the Eiffel Tower. In the see-through room, only a wall of glass separated the guests from the terrifying mass, allowing a close-up view of the steel swimmers.

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