What Would a Newsom Recall Election Look Like?

»Much is still unknown about how Gavin Newsom’s recall works. “This is a rare historical event, and perhaps why it hasn’t materialized,” says California Constitution expert Brandon Tysinger. []

»LAPD police officers deadly shot an unidentified black man in downtown Los Angeles early Monday morning. According to police sources, the man was armed with a pistol, but little other details about the incident were provided. [KTLA]

»The accused Jeffrey Epstein’s Madame Ghislaine Maxwell has been charged with sexual trafficking in a 14-year-old girl. Earlier indictments accused Maxwell of caring for and sexually assaulting, but Monday’s accusation was the first to allege trafficking. [New York Times]

»California is significantly expanding its eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine. Experts warn that even higher doses are not enough to meet demand immediately. []

»Long Beach Unified is currently the largest school district in the state to resume face-to-face lessons. On Monday, about 14,000 students from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade returned to the classroom. [KTLA]

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»Who is Chet Hanks and what is” White Boy Summer “? Tom Hanks’ rapper’s son turned summer into a season when no one was excited

»Paparazzi photo agency known for suing celebrities has been sued by Megan Markle for oblivion Splash News & Picture Agency filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in Nevada

»How the two LA beloved indie arts spaces survive the pandemic The junior high school was forced to close its Hollywood location, but found a new home in Glendale. In Lapuente, Bridgetown DIY is having a hard time holding up.

one more

Bachiyaki truck parked in downtown (Photo courtesy of Josh Lurie)

Brazier truck is taking a retro dinner trend on the street

The iconic Japanese brazier restaurant, Safflower, which debuted in 1964, is often known to chefs grilling protein on a teppanyaki for a show. Safflower counts the heart-shaped fried rice, onion volcano, and shrimp flipping over into a talk cap in a characteristic movement. Mobile Teppanyaki isn’t that theater-yet—But Bachiyaki, Elarabachi, Kyoto Brazier, and Benihibachi all operate brazier truck fleets throughout California, cooking premium proteins up to $ 45 per plate, including filet mignon, lobster tails, and king crab legs. I will.


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What Would a Newsom Recall Election Look Like? Source link What Would a Newsom Recall Election Look Like?

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