What to Watch the Week of April 10: The Kardashians, This Is Us, A Grey’s Anatomy Throwback, and Lizzo Hosts SNL

If you’re like me, watching TV has been dominated by sports lately. Major League Baseball Season, mastersand before that the NCAA tournament.

It’s a great thing for this time of year – there are so many options from live events to new premieres and old favorites. First, ABC is betting on nostalgia this week as it retransmits the fourth final of the season. Grey’s anatomy as part of Thursday’s program. Who can resist seeing Derek, Izzi, Karevi, George, Lexie, Mark, Callie and Cristina again? The episode was originally presented on May 22, 2008 and was written by Shonda Rhimes.

Something new, I’m so glad to see Lucy Boynton again. He played Freddie Mercury’s love for Mary Austin in Bohemian Rhapsody and now plays in the BritBox series Why didn’t they ask Evans? If you have already drunk Bridgerton, Sanditon, and Call the midwifeThis is for you.

Earth Day is only celebrated for a couple of weeks, but Netflix is ​​releasing a multi-stage series on some of the world’s most spectacular parks and habitats. Our large national parks, the narrator is none other than Barack Obama. There will be a lot more Earth Day next week, so I recommend watching this now. As we all know, saving and protecting our planet is not one day a year.

And then there’s a new episode on Tuesday Here we arewhich is so epic and emotional that you don’t think they were packed such as for an hour. Written by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, the series is one of the best episodes the program has ever done. If you thought so last week’s episode (called “Saturday in the park”) was impressive, wait until you see this. Berger will answer all of your questions after Tuesday’s episode, so then return to Glamour.com when he reveals all the revelations.

What else should be on your list of items to watch this week? After returning Large ceramic throw HBO Max on premiere Kardashians There is something for everyone in Hulu. Look.

Sunday, April 10th

Outlander (Starz): Episode Six the sixth season is titled “The World Turned Upside Down” and focuses on the rubella epidemic that has spread to Ridge. Claire doesn’t look good and Malva just can’t do well, point. With two more episodes left after this, I know we have a wild journey. at 9 p.m. ET and onwards Starz application

Monday, April 11th

CMT Music Awards (CBS): The only country music-only award-winning awards show will be broadcast from Nashville and will be shown for the first time on CBS. Performers include Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd. Click to see a list of candidates here. 20.00 ET / PT, 19.00 CT and available for streaming and on request at Paramount +.

Tuesday, April 12th

Here we are (NBC): The episode called “Katoby” has to be viewed in real time because it is monumental to the episode. It’s also the 100th in the series, and they couldn’t have timed it better. But I give Chris Sullivan (“Toby”) describe this episode best: “We had 65 costume changes in each. It covers a certain number of decades. It’s an epic episode on TV. ” 20.00 ET / PT, 19.00 CT; streaming in Hulu the next day.

What to Watch the Week of April 10: The Kardashians, This Is Us, A Grey’s Anatomy Throwback, and Lizzo Hosts SNL Source link What to Watch the Week of April 10: The Kardashians, This Is Us, A Grey’s Anatomy Throwback, and Lizzo Hosts SNL

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