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A duck is a playoff team if ancient NHL theory sounds that you are who you are by Thanksgiving. They woke up Thursday morning and finished fourth in the Pacific Division. This is the top wildcard team of the Western Conference with a reliable 10-7-3 record.

Most of the good things about playing ducks this season came during the eye-catching eight-game stretch they were invincible. Some of the bad things in their play happened before and after their winning streak. After all, they were 0-3-3 before it, and now 0-3-0 after it.

So what do you do with ducks after 20 games?

Well, for one thing, they’re much more fun to watch. They favored a much more creative game featuring faster passes and faster skating through the center of the ice, enchanting the play that drove them to the finals of the 2014-15 and 2016-17 Western Conference. I abandoned the style of doing.

However, in most cases these are ongoing tasks.

What worked

In fact, it resembles the top lines of those who worked well for the ducks in the first quarter of the season: right-wing Troy Terry, central Ryan Getzlav, and left-wing Adam Henrique. 22-point Terry, Getzlav (19 points) and Henrique (15 points) are the top scorers of the ducks.

Terry became the league leader with 16 goals scored (12 goals, 10 assists). Getzraf (1 goal, 18 assists) rejuvenated all with ducks in his 17 seasons at the NHL. Henrique (6 goals, 9 assists) rebounded smartly after the disastrous 2020-21.

Rookies Jamie Drysdale and Trevor Zegras have so far experienced moments of joy and despair, which is not surprising. They have been handed the key to the future of the organization, and over time they have fewer mistakes and are rooting for their coaches.

Kevin Schattenkirk played a key role in the duck’s third defensive pair, leading the defense with four goals and 14 points. Goalkeeper Jon Gibson has been largely free from the onslaught of last season and has achieved excellent results with an average of 9-5-2 and 2.53 goals.

Perhaps most importantly, the special team of ducks, which had nothing in the last season, was great. Their power play is the fourth best in the league, with a success rate of 27.9%, the true weapon so far this season. Their penalty kill is 85.7%, 8th.

What’s wrong

The resignation of long-time general manager Bob Marley due to suspicion of team employee abuse and his decision to seek treatment for alcohol abuse cast a dark cloud on the organization earlier this month. Due to their honor, the players did not allow it to affect their play.

What have we learned from the season’s first 20 games? – Press Telegram Source link What have we learned from the season’s first 20 games? – Press Telegram

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