What Eva Mendes Is Buying Now: Sponges, Chancletas, and Face Oil

Cleaning is generational, actress Eva Mendes explains on the phone. If you are Hispanic, you will understand the childhood ritual he is talking about: Every weekend, at dawn, your day begins with meringue, bachata, or some other form of salsa music, as your mother or abuelita requires. you can get out of bed and help clean the house. Even today, Mendes says that when her mother comes to the village, she greets her with a kiss on the cheek, tells her that she needs to eat more, and immediately heads her daughter towards the sink to wash the dishes.

“I don’t know if it’s cultural, but in my family, in my good Cuban family, that’s what we do.” actor says Glamor. “We all get together in the kitchen no matter how small your kitchen is.” In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the country, Mendes threw himself further into the clean-up as a survival mechanism. “I have a clean kitchen, I have a clear mind. It’s definitely related to my mental well-being.”

Remember how no one really knew how a lot did you have to clean the lock during the first few months? Did you have to wipe your groceries off? Did you have to come home, take off your shoes and take a shower if you were outside? It was a scary time, and Mendes found himself falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit pit of the dishwasher in search of the best things to clean his home and secure his family. When Mendes discovered Skura Style, a brand that originated from a unique color-changing antimicrobial fungus, he knew there was something special about it. So Mendes contacted to set up a Zoom call with founders Linda Sawyer and Allison Matz to discuss how much she loved the product.

Mendes thought he would just help spread the word and make a few Instagram posts here and there, but soon the trio realized they were much more similar than different: First, they were all hard A-type pure freaks. The end was history: Mendes is now a co-owner of the company and a brand ambassador.

“When I found the Skura mushroom and held the product in my hand, I became obsessed with it,” Mendes says. “I decided to contact the owners because I read about their really sweet childhood story – they’ve been best friends since the beginning. They were in second class – and one Zoom led to another and back and forth.

Alla Eva Mendes eats her cleaning supplies, her husband’s favorite meal Ryan goslingand what products he cannot live without.

One cleaning product I need for my home

It’s so basic, and my mom has passed it on to me: vinegar and baking soda. I think with these two you can clean anything. It is a combination that you can use anywhere, together or independently.

My favorite listening while cleaning

It’s nostalgic for me to listen to Cuban music like Celia Cruz and Xiomara Alfaro. Like supervintage music and old school stuff. My mother played like that when I was little, so I feel really connected to her and it becomes an emotional experience. The way I woke up on Saturdays and Sundays was like my mom was playing that Cuban music, everything smelled so good, and then I had to get up.

How do I spend my “my” time

I actually love arranging flowers all over the house. It feels silly to say that I love music, but I have music in many of my moods, and it depends on how I want to take care of myself right now – whether it’s a dance attack, a classical Beethoven or an opera. It runs from Doja Cat to Maria Callas. I also like to visit museums alone. But once again, cleaning really does it for me, especially if I can clean up when I’m home alone. It can be even more meditative for me.

Whether I’m a chancleta team or not

In our home, my mother didn’t like us to be barefoot. He was definitely part of the Chancla culture (a regional Spanish term for flip flops), but I like to be barefoot and do that annoying thing where I ask people to take their shoes off when they come in. I like a non-shoe home. , so I’m leaving without shoes. But my mother still says, “Ay Nina, Ponte unas chancletas aqui, por favor …” (which means, “Girl, put on your flip-flops …”) It’s a conversation with her. He is the only one who is allowed to use the small chancellery at home.

My favorite meal my husband Ryan Gosling makes

He did a really nasty shakshouka a few months ago, and I and the kids are asking him to do it. It was really, really delicious. He also bakes. So he makes this beautiful shakshouka for dinner and then bakes us a pie.

Who do I call to get cleaning advice

Apparently I love getting chips and more from people on the internet, but my mom is the best life breaker in terms of cleaning up. My mother still gets calls from me like “Mami, algo pasó aquí en la alfombra.” Like, “I got this crazy weird stain, and I don’t know how to get it off.” Usually his answer is: Let stand a little vinegar, a little baking soda and come back to it later.

My favorite summer trend

You can’t go wrong with Isabel Marant. Between her, Stella McCartney and Zara, I have a good combination of what I do this summer. I don’t usually have a planned look, but that’s what I like the moment I end up shopping – I’m not such a big shopper. When I go, I have to feel that mental attachment to clothes, you know, and then I wear those stuff away.

Own skin care products

I like wearing gloves while cleaning – mainly because I use hot water – and I really love going deep during cleaning. When I wear my gloves, I really love this True Botanicals product called their Pure Radiance Oil. It’s a face oil and I actually use it a few times a day as a moisturizer, but I also apply it to my hands before putting on the gloves to moisturize my hands during cleaning.

Music I’ve been listening to lately.

I love Camila Cabello and “Bam Bamia”. I’ve never actually met her, but I just don’t like what she puts out there and her music, I love that she’s a real girl. I feel like I’m immediately Big Sister protecting her for some reason. I think she is just so beautiful and so smart. She has fun dance songs. When my mom doesn’t feel so good, I put her a little Camila Cabello on her and it makes the home happier.

Ana Escalante is an assistant editor of Glamor.

What Eva Mendes Is Buying Now: Sponges, Chancletas, and Face Oil Source link What Eva Mendes Is Buying Now: Sponges, Chancletas, and Face Oil

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