What betting sites invest in sponsoring professional sports?


Sports betting sites and professional sports are intrinsically connected. Sports betting sites are dependent on the leagues they have odds on, as fans of those leagues are their customers. Sports leagues are dependent on betting operators because they can be a source of revenue for them. Sometimes the connection goes beyond just a casual mutual benefit. Some sports betting operators are partners and sponsors of various leagues, teams, and players,

For those who are uninformed, there are countless operators of varying sizes that bettors across the world choose to bet with. It is typically the bigger operators that are capable of sponsoring teams in major leagues. For example,888Sport are a big and well-known operator that would have the money and connections to form partnerships with a major sports team.

While many operators have connections with smaller, less well-known teams, like 3rd tier soccer clubs in England or Spain, let’s limit the focus of this article only to the operators that sponsor major, well-known teams or leagues. Here’s a breakdown of some of the sports betting sites that have invested in sponsoring major clubs or leagues in professional sports.


Bet365 is one of gambling’s biggest names, in North America and beyond. It is a company started in the United Kingdom, but it has spread across the world to be a popular site amongst sports bettors. Because of that, Bet365 has generated billions of dollars of revenue. With all that money, they’ve been capable of signing several big-time sponsorship deals.

Bet365 sponsors four different Premier League clubs, which is the top division of soccer in the United Kingdom. The clubs they sponsor are Leicester, Newcastle United, Wolverhampton, and West Brom. They also sponsored 10 different teams in the top division of Spanish soccer, La Liga. As well, the owners of Bet365 have purchased Stoke City, a second-division soccer team, and named the stadium Bet365 Stadium. This shows how heavily involved in soccer they are. There are a lot of well known and reliable sites online, which you can get the full information about Bet365. You will be able to get all the data you need about Bet365, and maybe even consider to gamble with this operator.


Betway is another gambling company that has received worldwide recognition. While Bet365 has concentrated primarily on soccer and has carved up a ton of space for themselves in that sport, Betway has spread itself into more leagues around the world. They are very present in North American sporting leagues, as well as European soccer leagues.

Betway sponsors West Ham United F.C, a Premier League club. They also have sponsorship connections with the Tottenham Hotspurs. In North America, they are present in the NBA as the partner of the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Golden State Warriors. They sponsor the Miami Open Tennis tournament and have a partnership with the New York Islanders and Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. They are present in some of America’s biggest markets.


DraftKings is a sports betting company that is only available for use in the United States of America. It has hundreds of employees, has generated billions of dollars, and is publically traded. Their presence as one of the biggest gambling websites in America has allowed them to secure some of the biggest sports partnerships possible.

Major League Baseball has an investment stake in DraftKings and is partnered with the operator. As well, Draft Kings is partnered with the National Football League, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and NASCAR. They are also partnered with Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center. Overall, they are partnered with five NFL teams, eight NBA teams, 25 MLB teams, and seven NHL teams. They are the dominant gambling partner for North American sports leagues.


Sports betting operators have created globally relevant businesses. As more and more markets across the world continue to legalize and regulate gambling, we can only expect the sports gambling industry to grow. With that will come further partnerships with major leagues like the Premier League and the NFL as the sporting leagues try and receive their cut of this massive industry. From Betway to DraftKings, many of the biggest operators have already gotten started staking their claims as the biggest sponsors in the sports betting industry. But as new powerful operators rise up, they’ll need to pay the big bucks to stay on top of the sponsorship game.

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