WFH set takes advantage of COVID vaccine ‘access codes’

A California program aimed at making the COVID-19 vaccine available to people in the hit-colored community is reserved for poorly serviced blacks and residents of Latin descent. It is being abused by an outsider who has acquired.

Programs that address vaccine distribution inequality rely on special access codes that allow people to book on the MyTurn Vaccine Scheduling website. The code is provided to community organizations primarily for distribution to people in the black and Latin communities.

However, the Times learned that these codes were widespread in group texts and messages among wealthy teleworkers set in Los Angeles. Many of those people are not yet vaccinated under state regulations.

Some people who can make promises are driving to Los Angeles, California to get a shot.

It’s unclear how the code went into the hands of outsiders, but in some circumstances the state scrambled to protect the integrity of the equity program welcomed by Governor Gavin Newsom and other officials. Was forced. After the Times asked about it last week, the state canceled an appointment made with at least one access code.

Establishing the fairness of the vaccine distribution process is a major imperative to California’s vaccine deployment. Newsom often talked about the importance of administering the vaccine “through a fair lens.” However, there are still serious inequality in state vaccination, with whites and Asians in wealthy areas being vaccinated at a much higher rate than blacks and Latins in poor areas.

The plan aims to secure daily scheduled blocks in Los Angeles, California and the Auckland Coliseum, according to an email sent to community partners by the Director of the Access and Functional Needs Department of the Governor of California. Emergency service.

According to the email, the appointment block is only accessible by a specific code and changes regularly depending on usage.

This code is intended for use by people in the vaccinated color community, such as healthcare professionals and people over the age of 65, but otherwise it can be difficult to get an appointment. there is.

According to CalOES spokesman Brian Ferguson, more than 2,000 community groups interested in participating in the program have contacted state authorities.

However, the problem with the program occurred early last week, shortly after the code became available.

The Times found that three separate access codes for vulnerable people in Los Angeles were far from their intended recipients and invaded wealthier professionals and social networks. In each case, the source of the access code remained unknown. Those who circulate the code did not seem to be aware that they were targeted at the devastated communities. In some cases, people thought they came across a pilot program open to all.

A person who shared an access code with The Times on Thursday said that some of his friends who weren’t otherwise qualified could use the code to book a vaccine on the California State University site. It was. As of Sunday night, some of those people had been vaccinated, said one who asked not to reveal their identities because they didn’t want to offend the friends they shared the code with. Individuals who are white explained that their friends are also white and “they are in highly protected parentheses.”

Another person who spoke to The Times said he received a screenshot of a message on Tuesday morning with a 7-digit access code and a link to the My Turn website. The original sender wrote that a friend of the doctor sent a link to the COVID-19 vaccine reservation. “Apparently it’s a new test site that” tests the system “for a few days before opening appointments for seniors and sick people. Anyone can sign up with a reservation. Try out! “

This code worked when a Times reporter tried it on Tuesday morning and opened a page that could be booked at the newly opened California State University, Los Angeles Community Vaccination Center. Another individual who spoke to The Times on the same day said he received an access code from a friend and didn’t know how he owned it.

The stated purpose of the access code is not communicated anywhere on MyTurn’s website, and the site does not state that the code is intended to be used only by a particular group. Even with an access code, the actual booking slots are still limited and may not always be available on the site.

Program turmoil is the latest example of inequality in a pandemic, defined by the disproportionate impact on low-income color communities.Reflects the same issue County informal vaccine waiting lineLarge groups, mostly white, often camp for hours outside the South LA Clinic in anticipation of a shot.

Ferguson acknowledged that there was an example of a community group forwarding the code to membership “in a very deliberate way” and then the email was shared more widely with the general public.

“To solve that, we took steps to ensure auditing and monitored very carefully how the code was used,” he said, making the program new and challenging. I explained that I am working on it.

By Monday night, the code spread rapidly through certain social networks, and one woman in her 40s living near downtown Los Angeles said three codes had been sent by different people over the past few days. I told The Times.

She declined to make a promise, but knew several people who were successfully vaccinated using the code (she described as a white “non-essential worker”). She refused to give her name because she didn’t want to offend those who shared the code with her.

“They honestly believe that this is a leftover, this is a pilot test and is open to everyone.”

WFH set takes advantage of COVID vaccine ‘access codes’ Source link WFH set takes advantage of COVID vaccine ‘access codes’

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