Weekly Horoscope: September 26 to October 2, 2021

Mercury is trying to steal headlines and ruin DM when it goes backwards on Monday. You know the drill, don’t make important decisions, triple check everything, spend time reviewing and starting over. Refine your approach to equality, harmony and inclusiveness while enjoying everything that beauty and art offer.

Read on to discover what’s available for your autograph during the week from September 26th to October 2nd, 2021.

March 21st-April 19th


Your relationship zone is rule 1 as you will receive retrograde treatment in the next 3 weeks. Please do not send text messages to you. If necessary, set the number to a time release of 3 weeks. Take the time to look back and, if you’re affiliated, give an open talk to consider that you may need to modify your course a bit. People may appear during this period, the relationships that begin may disappear retrogradely, so accept the message, not the messenger.

April 20th-May 20th


This month’s retrograde suggests that it’s beneficial to cross the ground you cover, so your work zone will be reviewed. Consider your daily experience as well as your work environment. Where can I make changes, tweaks, or course modifications? Is communication speeding up? If not, put together an idea, but don’t quit your day-to-day work yet. After October 19th, we will have additional information that can be surfaced and moved forward.

May 21st-June 21st


There is a cause for the pause as the planet you control is spinning backwards. Postpone key decisions throughout the next three weeks in the field of romance and what you spend your free time while you live for spontaneity and change. Summarize ideas and research to get the most out of this period. Reflection can generate important information, especially about communication and thinking. If you know your creative outlets need to change, take the time to consider what it is and perhaps load testing options.

Weekly Horoscope: September 26 to October 2, 2021 Source link Weekly Horoscope: September 26 to October 2, 2021

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