Weekly Horoscope: March 20 to March 26, 2022

Newsflash: Your weekly horoscope has arrived! The sun sets for longer days; your future is bright! Sunday Equinox is the first day of the Aries Season and spring! Spring cleaning, detox, squeeze winter grease and get your body rubbed. Energetic activity month; take this month into account.

Read your weekly horoscope below to find out what to expect from March 20-26, 2022.

March 21 – April 19


Happy Birthday, Aries; this is your month to shine! It’s a new annual solar cycle, so set your intentions for what you’re going to achieve this time next year, look ahead here and back to the future. what do you see Do you know what excites and excites you? How do you feel passion? There are plenty of opportunities this month to work on your plan; so far you get your body moving and pumping blood.

April 20 – May 20


Your Zen area will be lit up over the next month, so it’s time to turn on and charge the charge before your birthday. Spring energy is about waking up and getting the mind and body moving. Try to make the most of your dreams and imagination, dance to the beat of the music or walk in nature. Your career is at odds with the direction and way you present or show. Find a way to give time to both or combine both interests.

May 21 – June 21


If you’ve been hiding during the cold months, it’s time to get out of sleep. This month looks social, just right for spring, so call your outfit and organize something active you can do together. Get out and enjoy the crackling fresh energy; let it awaken your body and mind. Set a group, friendship, or social goal so you have a goal you want to achieve with the extra energy that ignites your motivation. It’s time to look for a specific interest you’re willing to pursue or are willing to engage in; find your own people.

Weekly Horoscope: March 20 to March 26, 2022 Source link Weekly Horoscope: March 20 to March 26, 2022

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