Weekly Horoscope: July 31 to August 6, 2022

Your weekly horoscope is here, and the stars are sending a clear message: This is the time to let your self-expression roar loud and proud while nailing the details. If your confidence or determination is tested, turn up the heat! Don’t take unreasonable risks on the weekend; be ready for anything. An exciting week is ahead of you; walk through it like you’re walking a VIP red carpet.

Read your weekly horoscope below to find out what awaits your sign during the week of July 31 – August 6, 2022.


Turn your thoughts to work, health and routines over the next three weeks, emphasizing analysis and practicality. Streamline messages or information and edit unnecessary things. Communication is especially popular, so ask questions, share stories and browse files. Consider your mind-body connection and mental health. Make sure the information you feed your mind is nutritious and healthy. If it’s getting you down, but you can do something about it, then do; if not, remove the distractions and focus your mind on something more useful.

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If you haven’t had a number of new takes and fresh starts over the past few years, this week will likely provide another one of those “turn it around” prompts. If you are a half-season Taurus, this is especially true for you. Zap zone is Sunday and Monday, so don’t take physical risks on these days. If you come up with new or ready-made ideas, write them down, they can be helpful when you’ve unpacked them. The sudden urge to change direction, express yourself, or that aha moment you’ve been calling for is here; Go for it. This story isn’t over yet, but it’s a new chapter, so take the radical path of reinvention if you need a new change, start, direction, or perspective.

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This week you should appreciate mystical hobbies. Head to a class (yoga, crystal bowls, chanting) or consider a local friend who might encourage you to rest, meditate or otherwise calm your nervous system. From Thursday, the pace will pick up in your domestic zone, so expect more comings and goings. Perhaps host a meeting of the minds over dinner in an informal lounge. Start conversations that need to be addressed, or just spend some extra time connecting with the people you live with. Ideas for home improvement? Collect your thoughts and explore.

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