Weekly Horoscope: April 17 to April 23, 2022

Your weekly horoscope has arrived. This week sails behind the full moon of Sunday in search of pleasure as the sun moves into the hedonistic Taurus. Add a practical element by stabilizing the foundation and doing the groundwork for long-term growth. Think like a farmer, cultivate the land, sow the seeds, care for the sprouts and enjoy the sensual gifts of nature. Your body is your container, guide it wisely and enjoy the ride!

Read your weekly horoscope below to find out what awaits your sign on April 17-23, 2022.


And it’s a wrapper when the sun moves out of your sign in the middle of the week and settles in your exclusive economic zone. This is already an area where it is best for you to make long-term plans. Your options, bright ideas, and sudden opportunities appear illuminated, so be aware. If you have a vision or concrete goals, you are more likely to head in that direction and eventually find yourself there; create a map. Define your core values ​​and what personal resources you have that you are willing and willing to dig in return for your work. Or build on what you have for yourself, and not in return. This may be a slower route, but it may end up costing more.


Happy birthday Taurus! The solar season begins on Wednesday, so this month’s themes reflect your sign; the abundance and celebration of the rebirth of life at the coming of spring. Warm up and go wild, make a big soup and invite all your favorites. If you’re enjoying a candy party known for Easter, it’s time to fill your kitchen with organic produce (if possible), broths and vegetable juices from the middle of the week. You can still be a gourmet and maintain your health for many more seasons!


Wednesday is the time to dismantle the social side at least to some extent and go to sleep and thaw. Now it’s time to recharge, because it’s the month before your birthday. And because your birthday marks the next evolution of your identity, self-confidence, and life force, it’s important to be ready for the next cycle. Take a few extra zzzz and eat grounding, warming and healthy food. Meditation and keeping a diary and reflecting are important. Go inside instead of chasing external stimuli.

Weekly Horoscope: April 17 to April 23, 2022 Source link Weekly Horoscope: April 17 to April 23, 2022

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