Weekly Horoscope: April 10 to April 26, 2022

Newsletter: Your weekly horoscope has arrived! Open the windows and let the light into your home and heart. Lower at least one load and visualize that it will wash away and dissolve in the water stream. Use your imagination, intuition, and art as inspiration and a healthy getaway from your regular program.

Read your weekly horoscope below to find out what to expect this week from April 10-16, 2022.


Resolve any verbal conflicts with a quick update or exit. Don’t get in a corner or drag into the drama. If power issues threaten your career, you need to use a strategy to address it. Owning your power and raising the cover of hidden agendas can take more than a verbal one or two. Think seriously about financial issues from Tuesday and take a pragmatic approach. This is about the slow and steady construction of resources rather than short-term contracting. Pay attention to your dreams, rely on creative or mystical inspiration and unplug in the middle of the week.


Your ability to express yourself will improve over the next month as Mercury, the planet of all communication, moves into your sign. Make the most of your eloquence with a charming outlook, showcasing ideas and telling long stories around a tasty dish and a common decanter. Make it a campfire if you miss Mother Nature. There will be more ideas now, so set your subject and make your mind work on the details. Tuesday’s big astro title tells you about your friendship and group zone. Maybe it’s time to expand your lawn, be open to new opportunities and connections.


This week’s magic zone is your career and public image, so your potential is limited only by your imagination. Or more positively, your potential is as great as your imagination. This difference in wording is all in all. Change it and say what you mean directly without inferring anything else. Dream of your best possible scenario when a new cycle begins in this zone. How do you want to perform in public? What do you want to share with the world? How would you like to be considered professional? Open to your inner consciousness and see what happens during the week.

Weekly Horoscope: April 10 to April 26, 2022 Source link Weekly Horoscope: April 10 to April 26, 2022

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