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I live on or near the water for most of my life and watch the tides come and go almost every day. I placed a white pipe in the mud that protruded straight and noticed that the waterline reached its highest point. Algae are easy to see because they cannot grow above the high water mark.

But recently I noticed that the water level is higher than usual. I told some friends about this, and some of them seem to think that global warming is a pure propaganda. I’m here to tell you that sea level is rising at an amazing rate. And anyone with a brain can know that we are in a prolonged drought.

What can we do about it? Saving water is one way to help, but it is not enough to avoid an upcoming disaster. I tried to argue with this guy, but with no success. He doesn’t want to hear the facts and claims that it’s all a big lie. I had to stop discussing with him because he didn’t want to see the evidence in front of him. I tremble when I wonder how many more people think like him.

We all have no place to run and may be destined to run out of time. Does it sound like the sky is falling like a child’s fairy tale? There is a reason for this letter in it. Hopefully some of you will read this and keep it in mind. Do not bury your head in the sand. Play your part, no matter how small, as it now helps save us all.

— Joseph H. Barocca / Vallejo

We can save ourselves from global warming – Times-Herald Source link We can save ourselves from global warming – Times-Herald

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