Watch Lenovo’s new gaming phone break spectacularly

Lenovo’s new Legion Phone Duel 2 Is a gaming phone with two USB-C ports, a pop-up camera, and even a fan. With so many technologies inside, Lenovo says it’s best to push the most important and hard-working components into the center of the phone, making it easy for fans to keep everything cool during gameplay. I decided. As a result, there are two batteries on the sides and a thick center. It didn’t look like a big danger signal at first. If anything, it seemed clever — that is YouTuber JerryRigEverything Got a phone (via Android police).

As part of a rigorous test of the durability that characterizes channels, each device is finally bent to see how much bending it can withstand before it breaks. Most devices can withstand, but usually they can’t do without bent metal or snap glass along the way. Legion Phone Duel 2 didn’t work Jeez To bend even a little. At around 8:40 in the video, shortly after the host said, “I’m not even worried about breaking remotely,” I snapped satisfactorily to the antenna line tangent to the central raised section and turned on the phone. The ability to turn it on has been compromised. .. With a little force, the host also broke the other side, explaining the lack of structural integrity of the design.

Lenovo devices aren’t necessarily outliers when compared to other modern gaming phones that Channel has tested. Asus ROG Phone 5 ( The ultimate model recently reviewed)Also Broken during testingDespite the more cohesive design. That said, it seemed to require more power to break than Lenovo’s new phone. I’m not an engineer, but splitting the battery in two could be part of the source of the vulnerability because it’s the way Asus’s latest phones are located internally.

The Legion Phone Duel 2 looks different than other game-centric phones, but it’s offered at a high price of $ 950. And its somewhat fragile design can ultimately be even more costly if you need to find a replacement.

Watch Lenovo’s new gaming phone break spectacularly Source link Watch Lenovo’s new gaming phone break spectacularly

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