Watch Lady Gaga Help SZA Onto the Stage to Accept Her Grammy Award

In a fraction of a second at the 2022 Grammy Gala, Lady Gaga did a wonderful act for another female performer. It just happened to be SZAa woman who had just won the Lady Gaga Award.

On Sunday, April 3, SZA and Doja Cat won the award for his best pop-duo / group performance of “Kiss Me More,” which beat a number of heavy hits, including Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco on “Lonely,” BTS on “Butter,” Coldplay on “Higher Power,” and Tony Bennett and Lady. Gaga from the movie “I Get A Kick Out of You.” It was an emotional evening for Gaga, who had honored Bennett with a touch earlier in the evening tribute. Bennett, who retired last year, partnered with Gaga during the final leg of his career, in which Gagan was gracefully introduced to his work for a new generation.

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When the names of SZA and Doja Cat were called instead of Gaga and Bennett, SZA got to his feet and took the crutches. SZA’s Grammy dress was Jean Paul Gaultier’s tight mermaid surgical gown with a long train, and she looked surprised and almost shocked as she tried to move toward the stage. Lady Gaga got up lightly from her seat, knelt on the ground in her own beautiful suit and got on the SZA train. He carried it gently, stopping on stage and jumping neatly out of the way. This is how you can tell that before Gaga was a diva, she was a theater child – because she did what she needed to get the star on stage in time and look good.

In a chaotic twist, Doja Cat then ran onto the stage, adjusted her crotch, and laughed with SZA that she had been in the bathroom just before the award. Then he burst into tears and said, “I like to belittle, but this is a big deal.” Doja, who is known to be a great speaker, seemed speechless. Earlier this week, the pop star had said emotional address on social media that he was going to quit music, so his victory seemed particularly heavy. The camera pans Lady Gaga, who clapped, and then pressed the prayer hands against her mouth emotionally.

Watch Lady Gaga Help SZA Onto the Stage to Accept Her Grammy Award Source link Watch Lady Gaga Help SZA Onto the Stage to Accept Her Grammy Award

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