Washing Machine Reviews

As years go by, washing machines are becoming a necessary household item. People can’t do without them anymore. They have become pricey, and it is even hard to choose from the hundreds of options in the market. This article will guide you to discover top-notch washing machine reviews that you have yet to try out.

What is the Best Washing Machine?

You will have a seamless and enjoyable washing experience with a good machine. And, to get a good machine, you need to be keen on its brand, quality, features, and style. To streamline the whole hassle of finding the best washing machine, we came up with a list of great washers based on a range of factors:


XQG100-1448DPH is a 2-in-1 front-loading machine with 12 wash programs to satisfy different washing needs. It is equipped with a WBS balance system for quiet washing and a 3D steam pre-wash that eliminates all possible bacteria.


Operation Voltage: AC120V

Rated Frequency:  60Hz

Wash Capacity (kg): 10

Spin capacity (kg): 10

Washing Machine Reviews

OEM Front Loading Washing

The OEM Front Loading Machine from WEILI is a luxurious machine that boosts cleaning for extra dirty loads. It is energy-saving, efficient, and doesn’t make noise when in operation. In addition to that, it has four water temperature controls; 30, 40, 60, and 900C, which makes it easier to control your choice of temperature. You can program it with your preset features.


The XQG80-1248DP can handle any laundry combo, and besides that, it is super quiet and does a great job. It also has a large interior and a small exterior suitable for tiny homes. This washer is powered with a BLDC Inverter Motor, which is very efficient and saves a great ton of energy.

Capacity: 8/10kg

Max Spin Speed: 1400RPM

Efficiency: A+++


XQG80-1238DP washing machines are loved because of their ability to clean all stains and user-friendly features. They also allow for fashionable and intelligent washing. Plus, it also has12 washing programs to suit different washing needs.

Capacity: 8/10kg

Max Spin Speed: 1400RPM

Efficiency: A+++

Net Weight: 62kg

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WEILI: Your Best Washing Machine Supplier

Ready to invest in a washing machine? You can trust WEILI for top-load and front-load washers. Our products have advanced features and are good quality to meet our customers’ needs. Moreover, we sell various products starting from washing machines, microwaves, dryers, ovens, etc. Our professionals are committed to delivering nothing but the best services to clients.

How Long Do Washing Machines Last?

Any standard washing machine should last for about 10 to 13 years. Well, they only last long if you buy good quality. Nobody wants to spend their money on a machine that will spoil just a few years later. If you want yours to last, practice a few maintenance ideas like:

  • Checking the hoses
  • Avoid overloads
  • Not using a lot of detergents
  • Cleaning the interior
  • Emptying the tab

These simple maintenance tips can go a long way in increasing the longevity of your washing machine.


Like most appliances, you will get mixed reviews online about the best washing machines. However, if you want the real game-changer, you need to research thoroughly to find the most-recommended washing machine manufacturers.For top-rated washing machines, you can always rely on WEILI


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