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As CEO of a multi-million dollar company that spent hours in front of a computer screen, Abhi Arora fought stress and anxiety attacks. He found a cure and shelter in a quiet garden space designed by his friend Rishi Kumar.

Now Arora and Kumar have started Healing Gardens, a business where people can rent their garden space in AirBnB style.

Since the start of Coronavirus pandemic, More people are spending time outdoors. But exercise isn’t the only thing that makes you feel better. Experts say there is evidence to suggest that being outside can make us happier as people and feel more connected to each other.

Find health in nature

Research article American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Health Promotion International And Environmental science and technology It has been shown that there is a correlation between time spent outdoors and improved mental health and well-being.

Many of those articles were written by biologist Edward Osborne Wilson for humans. Innate connection and charm to nature.

Sean Patrick Goldy, a PhD student in psychology at the University of California, Irvine, feels that one of the effects of being outdoors is in the presence of an awe-inspiring psychological concept, or something vast that breaks the frame. I said there is. A reference for understanding the world.

It can be physically large, such as a huge skyscraper or towering forest of trees, or it can be perceptually vast, as you can see the artwork and understand its details. Goldie says walking in the neighborhood block for 15 minutes or watching the sunset in the backyard can be awe-inspiring.

Studies have shown that awe is often associated with a sense of connection with others, generosity, and a sense of cosmic sensation. These senses of connection can be especially important when people feel particularly isolated.

“Feeling connected and familiar with others, belonging is one of the most powerful predictors of well-being in people’s lives, whether psychological or physiological,” Goldy said. Says.

Scope out your own relaxation space

Arora said he believes the sensory experience will relax the garden. He said that sitting in front of a cubicle computer, a person might have one or two things to focus on his eyesight. However, various shapes, textures, and sounds are incorporated into the natural world. When you’re outside, you don’t have to look at the same thing for a long time, and you can feel that kind of environment instantly. More relaxed.

And now he wants to share those feelings of relaxation and peace with more people.

Healing Gardens offers more than 20 gardens in locations such as Diamond Bar, Glendale, Hacienda Heights, Inglewood, Montecito Heights, Pomona and Temecula. Most of the space can be rented. There are different rental packages that can be used for different purposes. For example, the “Personal Time at Garden” package, where you can read a book, do yoga, or meditate in the garden for 90 minutes, or the “Date in the Garden” package, which allows couples to pack up their luggage. Have a picnic and book the entire garden for two and a half hours.

Other gardens, such as Arlington Garden in Pasadena, which are open to the public, offer photo permits and guided tours.

Many packages run for $ 25 to $ 50, but in Arlington, photo permits are $ 100 and guided tours are $ 180.

Arora and Kumar hope to expand their garden rental service nationwide to reach most major cities by the middle of this year.

According to Arora, there are also things that people can do to create a relaxing garden space in their backyard.

He said he didn’t need a lot of outdoor space to create his own outdoor oasis.

Arora is encouraged to come up with a design that allows you to see everything from one end of the garden to the other and capture it all at once.

However, do not try to plant them all at once. Slowly build your garden and take the time to add more plants to avoid being overwhelmed.

Arora said he heard from many other people in a variety of industries, from technology to insurance, how spending time outdoors helped them deal with stress in the same way as he did.

“Being in nature draws attention to the moment,” he said. “It’s like forcing you to think about now.”

Want pandemic relaxation? Here’s why spending time in outdoor garden spaces might help – Press Enterprise Source link Want pandemic relaxation? Here’s why spending time in outdoor garden spaces might help – Press Enterprise

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