Walmart Hires PayPal CFO: Look Out, Amazon?!

When large companies go out to recruit executives, the decisions are more about finding the right person for the future, not for today.

These companies have strategic plans, and they want the best person to help them reach those goals.

Walmart Inc. (Symbol: WMT) Made such a rental this week when it rented PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) CFO John Rainey to Be the retailer’s next CFO.

The employee tilted Walmart’s hand.

In this episode of The bull and the bearLet me tell you what Walmart is looking to do, and what it means for its biggest competitor:

Hiring Walmart PayPal: Moving to Big-Box Retail

Walmart is known for its low-cost retail and large box.

The company operates 10,500 different stores and e-commerce sites under 46 different brands in two dozen countries around the world.

It is a world power when it comes to low cost goods.

Rainey’s latest lease lists a huge destination the company is now striving for: Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) – Specifically, his choking grip on third-party sellers.

Walmart may smell blood in water. Check out this chart:

The value of third-party sellers on Amazon has seen a steady decline since the first quarter of 2021 – meaning the growth rate of third-party sellers has slowed.

This creates an opening for another company to come in and sweep these sellers … and dig into Amazon’s strength in the market.

In this episode of The bull and the bearI’ll show you how hiring Rainey positions Walmart to cut Amazon’s well-known market share from a third party – and how you can best profit from it.

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Walmart Hires PayPal CFO: Look Out, Amazon?! Source link Walmart Hires PayPal CFO: Look Out, Amazon?!

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