Voters weigh fate of liberal San Francisco district attorney

SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-San Francisco voters fed up with ballot thefts and smash-and-grabs could drive some of the nation’s most successful voters to a memorable election. on Tuesday that completely divided Democrats.

Chesa Boudin was slightly elected in 2019 as part of a national wave of liberal district lawyers who decided to fix a system they called racist and ineffectual. Boudin, a former state defense attorney, has vowed to arrest police and organizations responsible for human rights abuses. His plaintiffs are not allowed to seek compensation for the defendants, sue the juveniles as a parent or seek long -term punishments as a result of the plaintiff’s involvement. Ia.

But his time in the office was compounded by an epidemic in which Americans were attacked and viral images of the store boom killed residents, and some of them began to a memorial. They said Boudin was ignorant and stubborn, often trying to avoid prosecuting criminals who wanted other medical programs.

According to his supporters, conservative rights have diverted money into a fraudulent scheme that would not properly allocate it for crime in a system where police and judges are stationed. to be responsible. San Francisco has long struggled with economic injustice and records show that Boudin left the grievances on the same footing as his predecessor, who relied on success.

“This is not a memorial that wants security or truth or justice or solutions, it wants division, fear and the spread of hatred and humiliation of policies. .to keep our community safe, ”Boudin said in a recent announcement. where he met with African American, African American and Latino community leaders.

During her 2019 announcement, many were drawn to her personal story. Boudin was a baby when his parents, the left -wing Weather Underground radical, served as a pilot in the 1981 robbery that left two police officers and a security guard dead. They were sentenced to several years in prison.

As he preached, he spoke of the pain of walking among metal detectors to embrace his parents and vowed to fix a system that would separate families. Kathy Boudin was released on parole in 2003 and died of cancer in May. David Gilbert was given parole in October.

Political analysts say Boudin is on the side of the outside world as a new political man who did not win his race in 2019. Reports of overall crime in the city have decreased, but rates have risen. incidents of theft and car theft since 2017, according to San Francisco Police Statistics.

“It’s a choice of great happiness,” said Jason McDaniel, associate professor of political science at San Francisco State University. A lot of people get angry at a lot of things, you don’t want to be the target of that. “

It is believed that low self -esteem may hurt Boudin. If recalled, Mayor London Breed will choose his successor. He didn’t weigh in in public at the race but he fought with her over the benefits of ending non -drug use and opioid use in the troubled Tenderloin town.

Former Assistant District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, who left Boudin’s office and entered the memorial service last year, said San Francisco is still committed to having a district attorney. success, but whoever “knows there should be responsible.”

Recalling the mid -June 7 rallies could be a reflection of the progressive criminal justice program in the largest state and the Democrats. They are running for district attorney races in three San Francisco Bay Area counties and two in Southern California, said Ludovic Blain, executive director of the Progressive Donor California board.

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Voters weigh fate of liberal San Francisco district attorney Source link Voters weigh fate of liberal San Francisco district attorney

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