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As one of the state’s few centre-right editorial pages, readers, and state political leaders, undoubtedly expected us to come to the conclusion that voters should remember Governor Gavin Newsom. .. Perhaps it explains why Newsom, who has a policy we often criticize, does not meet with our editorial board despite our many attempts to arrange meetings. increase.

Nevertheless, our decision was not easy and we wanted to hear the governor make his claim seriously. We want to guide our readers to our decisions by first uncovering the most overheated “no” argument. The Sacramento Bee, for example, recently claimed that the origin of the recall was “bitter partisanship and right-wing nationalism,” which he called a “serious threat” to the state.

Still, California’s unique direct democratic brand, born out of the progressive era, seeks to empower people to check for special interests and politicians. In his first inaugural address in 1911, Governor Hiram Johnson argued that opposition “believes that people can’t really trust people even if they express their dissent.”

Such reactions enhance our support for the process. The Democratic Party controls all offices throughout the state and makes up the majority of the legislature. Direct democracy remains the only remaining check on the power of the people. Recall power is less threatening to the nation than it is today.

But what about this particular recall? Is it justified? We believe so, and even Bee said, “Sacramento’s founding politics has not been able to provide the scale and speed of change needed to address the existential crisis in California.” For us, that’s the ultimate reason to vote “yes”.

We do not blame Newsom for pandemic-related shutdowns. He continues to suffer from ever-changing shutdown indicators and abuse of executive orders, but has largely confused his unique situation and most other governors of both parties.

Our problem with Newsom’s leadership is more fundamental. Choose the problem, and the state’s failure is obvious. When the Governor focuses on a progressive vision, the state suffers from uncontrollable wildfires, rations, homeless crises, murder surges, affordable housing, high national poverty rates, and school failures. is. Unlike his predecessor, Newsome reacted like a headlight deer in the face of these challenges.

One particular issue indicates the issue. As the wildfires spread, Newsam actually rolled back the previous administration’s wildfire prevention program — and he greatly exaggerated the number of acres the state had treated with open burning. This is not leadership.

One of the state’s most annoying scandals took place under his supervision. The Employment Development Department has given $ 31 billion to criminals and fraudsters, even though it failed to provide unemployment benefits to legitimate beneficiaries. The situation remains unresolved — and billions of them will be of great help in solving many of the state’s problems. Money stops with him.

In another example, Newsom is a teachers’ union-backed legal package that makes it difficult to expand these schools, even though California’s charter schools provide lifelines to the state’s poorest students. Signed. These examples symbolize our frustration. It has nothing to do with partisanship or far-right nationalism — neither is sympathetic to these pages.

In impartiality to bring back opponents, we also despise the official “statement of reason” of supporters who unjustly and shyly condemn illegal immigrants on the California issue. Nevertheless, more than 1.7 million people signed the petition and few paid attention to their discussions. Voters can vote “yes” or “no” to questions that recall the governor for any reason. There are many compelling reasons to do so.

Choosing an alternative is a difficult decision. Unlike the 2003 Governor Gray Davis recall, this year’s recall does not include Arnold Schwarzenegger on the ballot. This is a person with celebrity status and a wide range of nonpartisan charm. However, we meet with key candidates and believe that Larry Elder, the host of the radio talk show, is the best choice for the office.

The elders did not come from a traditional political background, but like Schwarzenegger and former governor Ronald Reagan, they understand the major challenges facing California and raise issues in a way that resonates with the general public. I have a knack for explaining.

It’s a skill that shouldn’t be underestimated. Californians have often been excluded from discussions of laws and regulations that affect their lives by officials who rely on arrogant or wacky stories to hide what they are doing. Californians deserve a governor who respects them enough to explain their policy choices and seek support for better options.

I’m not excited about everything he’s said at the show, but there’s no sign that he’s treating his campaign as a promotional stunt. He assembled a serious campaign and impressed us in our recent interview with his thoughtful answers, his deep understanding of policy, and his compassion for the people he is trying to represent.

Vote ‘yes’ on the recall, Larry Elder for governor – San Bernardino Sun Source link Vote ‘yes’ on the recall, Larry Elder for governor – San Bernardino Sun

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