VOSD Podcast: ‘Mask Raids’ and Mystery

Almost a year ago, Luis Alberto Antonio Armenta disappeared.

Her family was worried, of course. And they were confused as to why Antonio Armenta – who kept in touch with his mother – did not answer calls or texts.

The next day, he was found in his car, in the passenger seat, head on the floor, missing some personal items. He died.

Before long, San Diego police handed over Antonio Armenta’s belongings to his family and closed the case. An overdose, they said. But that doesn’t satisfy Antonio Armenta’s family; they will not be released. And they thought there was more than police wanted to investigate.

This week on VOSD Podcast, host Andrea Lopez-Villafaña provided information on this story co-hosts Scott Lewis and Andrew Keatts – and all the weirdos in the case who don’t line up, according to the family.

The strangest attack story you will hear this week

They interviewed young children in a local pre-school group – alone – by state agents trying to get to the bottom of a school masking policy in January.

Parents are upset.

VOSD reporter Will Huntsberry had this story this week and joined the podcast to talk about what was happening at the Aspen Leaf Preschool that justified the “mask attack,” and how the school owner is responding to that investigation. a.

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VOSD Podcast: ‘Mask Raids’ and Mystery Source link VOSD Podcast: ‘Mask Raids’ and Mystery

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