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GREENFIELD — Volunteers are needed for biennial food rations in Greenfield, as many members of the community continue to participate in regular events.

Relaxation of pandemic guidelines has not ended the economic impact of Covid-19 on local families. In short, there is still a need for someone to help deliver food to those in need.

For best operation, you need two car stations with five volunteers. Jose Sanchez, director of the Greenfield Community Science Workshop, said that 10 volunteers are needed, but increasing the number to 12 will help keep things running smoothly. The city currently has seven volunteers.

According to Sanchez, it has diminished over time as it copes with a variety of situations, including seasonal movements, harvesting operations, schools, and schedule changes.

“In the past, there was a good problem with too many volunteers trying to get everyone involved,” Sanchez said.

Food delivery volunteers appear in the morning to repack the food by removing it from the shipping bottle and placing it in a small container. These usually include 3-5 types of items that are placed in the vehicle in a non-contact manner.

“The first thing to check is that all the food is in bags so that it can be loaded into people’s cars,” Sanchez said.

Other volunteer jobs include traffic control and helping people walk in carts, baskets, and wagons.

“We know it’s on the decline, but it’s hard to say because the food banks are so active,” Sanchez said.

The total number of recipients for individual distribution sites may be small, but the number of distribution sites is 3 as food banks not only work with the city to distribute the Greenfield Memorial, but also deliver food at school facilities. Sanchez explained that it had doubled.

In the midst of the changes that took place over time, Sanchez said there was a change in perceptions about food ration.

“The food you get when you go to this kind of ration is something that everyone is happy to keep in the fridge or kitchen, no matter who you are or what your background is.” He said. “People have become a little more willing to ask for help and feel less embarrassed or embarrassed. At this point, this is a fairly serious crisis and the idea of ​​giving or receiving help has been normalized. We understand. “

Food rations at the Greenfield Memorial Hall take place every other Tuesday, with the next scheduled June 8th from 9am to 11am. If you are interested in helping, please contact Sanchez (831-540-9830).

Volunteers needed for food distributions in Greenfield | Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Volunteers needed for food distributions in Greenfield | Salinas Valley Tribune

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