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Volunteers visited the Pomona neighborhoods late Tuesday, February 22, to observe the homeless population of the area in Number of homeless at the timethe first since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Ganesha Park, more than 20 volunteers gathered around 8pm before settling across the city to conduct the count, which is organized by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA). The purpose of the count is to estimate the number of people experiencing homelessness on a given night, counting residents staying in shelters, tents, vehicles, and other makeshift dwellings.

This year’s count will be done in three days. It started Tuesday evening in the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys and continues Wednesday in West Los Angeles, Southeast Los Angeles and the South Bay before ending Thursday in the Antelope Valley, Los Angeles Metro and South Los Angeles.

Counts are also planned for the homeless in Riverside and San Bernardino counties this week.

“We are here because we have a crisis, not just in Pomona, not just in the San Gabriel Valley, but in this whole county,” Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval said on Tuesday, before volunteers came out across the city.

For the first time, Los Angeles County volunteers are performing the count electronically on a mobile app, a change from previous years where calculations were done on paper. Volunteers went through neighborhoods, alleys and parks to see if there were any visible homeless people on the streets and inside vehicles.

The count helps officials determine where to allocate resources to homeless people and allocate state and federal funds. Results usually take several months to tabulate.

In January 2020, the last time the count was conducted, Pomona saw a slight increase in its homeless population, with an increase of 4% from 2019, to a total of 722 individuals. The city has made efforts to help increase the number of homeless in the region, such as the opening of a $ 10 million homeless service center in 2018.

Elsewhere in the Pomona Valley, Claremont and La Verne saw a decline in the total number of homeless. According to data published in 2020, the number of homeless individuals in Claremont fell from 27 in January 2019 to 17 next year. In La Verne, In 2019, 21 homeless people were counted compared to the next 10 years.

Here are some key details about efforts to reduce the number of homeless in the region:

Q: How many homeless people did the Point-in-Time count in LA County find in 2020?

Answer: In 2020, the last time the census was conducted, 66,436 people were registered across the county, an increase of 13% from last year, according to LAHSA.

Q: LA County voters approved Measure H, a sales tax of a quarter of a cent, in 2017 to fund homelessness services. How many people have been helped?

Answer: The tax collects about $ 355 million a year, according to the county. To date, the county has placed 99,000 people in temporary housing and 75,000 in permanent housing, also preventing close to 20,000 individuals from falling into homelessness, according to Daniella Urbina, Deputy Housing and Homeless for Hilda Solis’s office overseer.

Question: What is the current location of the Hope for Home shelter in Pomona?

Answer: As of Tuesday, February 22, Hope for the House served 97 inhabitants. The current capacity is 150 due to the limitations of COVID-19, according to Benita DeFrank, neighborhood services director for Pomona. In non-pandemic times, the shelter has a capacity of up to 205 people. The shelter opened last week after being closed to new entrances for several weeks due to a COVID-19 explosion, DeFrank noted.

Q: How many people have been placed in permanent supportive housing since the opening of Hope For Home in 2018?

Answer: About 90 people, according to Donyielle Holley, supervisor of homelessness programs for the city of Pomona. Moreover, about 1,000 people have been housed in makeshift housing since the shelter opened.

Question: How much has the city of Pomona received and allocated for homeless services in the current fiscal year?

Answer: The city has received and allocated $ 14.8 million for homeless services, including $ 4.1 million for Hope For Home and $ 1 million for homeless prevention. Funding comes from local, state, and federal grants, including $ 6.7 million from the Department of Housing and Urban Development as emergency assistance for COVID-19.

Volunteers in Pomona join effort to survey Los Angeles County’s homeless population – Daily Bulletin Source link Volunteers in Pomona join effort to survey Los Angeles County’s homeless population – Daily Bulletin

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