Vitamin D may restore the body’s natural barrier against ovarian cancer

Suppresses ovarian cancer by restoring peritoneal mesothelial cells. Credit: Kazuhisa Kitami

Ovarian cancer is one of the leading causes of death from all cancers. One reason for this is that the cancer turns the body’s immune system away from itself. Koyaya, a new study from Nagoya University published in Matrix Biology suggests that vitamin D may inhibit one of the key mechanisms by which this cancer is used effectively.

Ovarian cancer often undergoes a process called peritoneal metastasis. In this process, the cells are removed from their original position in the ovary and travel to the second implant, such as the peritoneal wall or diaphragm. The peritoneum protects this structure by enclosing mesothelial cells, which prevent the growth of cancer cells and limit their proliferation. However, ovarian cancer surrounds this defense by converting protective mesothelial cells into cancer cells. This results in conditions that contribute to metastasis, contributing to the spread of cancer in the body.

The group, led by Drs. Masato Yoshihara of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in collaboration with colleagues at the Bell Research Center and the Department of Pathology at Nagoya University School of Medicine, found that vitamin D not only counteracts this process but also he brought it back. Mesothelial cells that attach themselves to the root canal. This process strengthens the barrier effect of mesothelial cells and reduces the further spread of cancer. Their study suggests that vitamin D supplementation may be a useful supplement for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

“We have shown the potential of vitamin D to regulate cancer-causing cells, which is the first study of its kind,” said Dr. Kazuhisa Kitami, the study’s lead author. “The most interesting finding is that in cases where early detection of ovarian cancer is still very difficult, we have shown that peritoneal condition can return to its normal state where it prevents the adhesion and growth of cancer cells. . “

Vitamin D can do this because of the complexity of cancer transmission. Previous research has found that cancer cells secrete a protein called TGF-β1, which is linked to cell proliferation. This also increases the amount of another protein, thrombospondin-1, by TGF-β / Smad. Thrombospondin-1 has long been a favorite of researchers for ovarian cancer because it is found in large quantities in the early, early stages of cancer. In ovarian cancer, thrombospondin-1 is a key protein that promotes adhesion and proliferation of ovarian cancer cells to the peritoneum. As vitamin D breaks down the TGF-mad / Smad pathway, it can prevent cancer.

Dr. Kitami explains: “Vitamin D supplementation helps to normalize peritoneal conditions. This suggests that a combination of vitamin D and conventional medications may improve the effectiveness of their treatment for ovarian cancer. We think this helps in preventing adhesion. cancer cells to the peritoneum, which may prevent the recurrence of ovarian cancer. “

Probably a vitamin to fight cancer that affects one in 75 women is exciting, especially since it does so by restoring the body’s natural defenses. Creating therapeutic interventions using this research may offer new approaches to reducing mortality ovarian cancer.

An experimental model of ovarian cancer shows the impact of a healthy cell system in metastasis

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Kazuhisa Kitami et al, Peritoneal Restoration by Replenishing Vitamin D Prevents the Proliferation of Ovarian Cancer by Blocking TGF-/1 / thrombospondin-1 axis, Matrix Biology (2022). DOI: 10.1016 / j.matbio.2022.03.003

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Vitamin D may restore the body’s natural barrier against ovarian cancer Source link Vitamin D may restore the body’s natural barrier against ovarian cancer

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