Visible confirms some customer accounts were breached

Visible confirmed the hack on Wednesday.

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This week, some Visible customers reported in a social media post that their account information had changed and in some cases the new account appeared to have been hacked. phone I placed an order using my payment information.Verizon-owned prepaid carrier on Wednesday Confirm that some customers’ accounts have been compromised..

“We are aware of the issue of unauthorized access and billing of some member accounts,” the company said in a tweet. Visible does not mention the number of affected customers.

The carrier said that the investigation was “Threat actors Access username / password from external sources, And then use that information to log in to your Visible account. The company urged people to update their login information if it was used by multiple services.

Visible is a prepaid carrier that offers unlimited phone services with a $ 40 / month individual plan. Party pay option to further reduce group prices..Company use Verizon Says it provides the same coverage as the network and the larger carriers it contains 5G.. One of the differences with Visible is that there is no storefront and the website and Visible app handle everything from billing to tech support.

“Protecting customer information, including protecting customer accounts, is very important to us and our customers,” said the company. Twitter account..What is visible is to encourage customers who believe their account has been compromised to contact them via chat.

Visible confirms some customer accounts were breached Source link Visible confirms some customer accounts were breached

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