Virgin River’s Martin Henderson Says Season Five Is the Best One Yet

At the end of season four, Jack’s face is like WTF, so how excited were you to play falling out of that reveal?

I’m excited about that and the realism of it, because what’s been interesting about the Charmaine/Jack dynamic ever since she found out she was pregnant with his twins is that she’s had to walk a really fine line between obviously having really strong feelings. his behavior is terrible…he acted so sorry for Mel and was so manipulative. He didn’t tell her the babies were boys. He treated them both with so much disrespect that it felt like the proper response to such a character was bitterness and venom.

But the writers and directors understood that Jack still had to be in control of the situation. He couldn’t unleash Charmaine in the way he felt he was entitled to because he still had to maintain some kind of relationship that made them co-parent. He wants to put his son first. So he was kind of trapped in this. She had to put up with his shit. Now, of course, he finds out they’re not even his, so all the crap he went through and Mel went through starts to…yeah, he has an opinion about it.

Were you surprised to find out who the twins’ father is? Alex said he knew.

Yeah, I know who. Well, I was told. Of course I’m not going to tell you about this interview because…

And I don’t want you. I wouldn’t want to know.

I was told whose mind it must have been in the writer’s mind, but I haven’t seen it written. One thing I know here is that you can’t count your chickens until they’re hatched when it comes to plot lines because there’s a sense that it could be who you think it is, but then what’s a more shocking choice? I don’t know where they’ve come up with that, but from what I hear it’s really, really good. It’s juicy.

It’s Vernon.

It’s a doctor. Clear. You’re welcome.

Fans apparently want to know if the wedding is going to happen in season five or if Mel might have a baby in season five. What can you say to that?

Baby stories are really interesting. Obviously I’m talking without reading any of those actual scripts, but we have really nice… a lot of things end and then there’s a whole bunch of new beginnings, new storylines. I can’t give too much away. I know someone might move away. Someone might leave.

Ricky joins the Marines.

Ricky is already gone.

Cameron said he was leaving, but dubious because we saw that picture fifth season table read and he was there.

It was a gift. We shouldn’t have… I know. There are a few changes, but this season’s understanding is that you’ll also see Mel and Jack grow closer. Some of the things they go through really strengthen their bond. Much of season four pushed them away, like Jack’s drinking. I don’t think there was any real doubt about the relationship, but there were definitely some questions and bumps that made their union somewhat rocky. Hopefully this big proposal put an end to that.

Virgin River’s Martin Henderson Says Season Five Is the Best One Yet Source link Virgin River’s Martin Henderson Says Season Five Is the Best One Yet

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