Virgin Galactic Launch: The Age of Space Tourism Is Here—We Talked to the First Two Women On Board

Sirisha Bandra was in the midst of somersaults when she became the 66th woman in space to fly, following the launch of Virgin Galactic on Sunday. “When I heard’Welcome to Space,’I went out the window and looked out, and I was very surprised,” says Pandora, a 34-year-old aeronautical engineer. Commercial space flight.

Just 40 minutes ago, she boarded VSS Unity, the Virgin Galactic spaceplane. The spaceplane climbed to a height of 50,000 feet with the help of a fantasy-style fighter “mothership,” separated by an elegant arc called the “gamma.” “Turn” and soared to Mach 3 (three times the speed of sound) and entered the ballistic space. Here, she and her crew were floating in weightlessness for a few minutes.

“Our ship flips and stops completely, and at its top there is tranquility, timelessness, peace, and it takes your soul. It’s just breathtaking,” said Virgin Galactic’s Chief Space. Says aviator instructor Beth Moses (and the 63rd woman in space flight, the first passenger to fly on a Virgin Galactic test flight in 2019). “People were so much enjoying weightlessness that I had to remind them to slow down and look out the window.”

In a well-manipulated backflip, the ship exploded to Earth at more than twice the speed of sound before it could glide safely. Spaceport America The runway as if it were a commercial jet airliner landing from LA rather than an extraterrestrial mission.

It’s official: The era of space travel is here.

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On Sunday, July 11, Bandla, Moses, and the other four crew members who participated in the launch of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft Unity made history with the company’s first full crew flight. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic (along with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX) is part of a new era of space age aimed at commercializing spaceflight. From 2022, you will be able to purchase tickets on Virgin Galactic flights. This will eventually bring six passengers and two pilots into the ballistic space.

Ultimately, we hope that such flights will help democratize spaceflight. By this weekend, space flight had only been experienced by 562 people in history. (If you want to go right away, we recommend starting the savings. Virgin Galactic flight tickets are $ 250,000.)

Mankind is not at the moment when space travel has become (relatively) safe enough to literally buy tickets and see for themselves without the contribution of brave women. that is”Rocket girlWe have started a project to eventually become NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “It was a group of brilliant black women — the story finally Hidden person— A person who worked as a “human computer” to help put the first person on the moon. It was Peggy Whitson who set the American record in 2017 most of the time in space (665 days). Pandora and Moses are the latest women in space history as commercial astronauts.

Virgin Galactic Launch: The Age of Space Tourism Is Here—We Talked to the First Two Women On Board Source link Virgin Galactic Launch: The Age of Space Tourism Is Here—We Talked to the First Two Women On Board

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