Vintage Blonde is the New Platinum

In addition to the change in taste, there is also the simple fact that warm tones are generally less maintenance-friendly. “Warmth is easy for most people to achieve, both in terms of skin tone, salon maintenance, and hair integrity,” says Eisenroa.

Shade does less work than a cool blonde, but you can make a lot of time and money in the salon, especially if you’re not a natural blonde. So if you’re less enthusiastic but want to convey the same mood, Eisenlohr tells you to try the highlights rather than the overall “background color”.

Riuna CapriThe colorist, who also worked on Gomez’s hair, adds that warm shades are definitely a trend, but it’s important to weave in some cold tones so they don’t read as straight yellow.

“Whenever you work in warm tones, you need the perfect balance,” she says. “I don’t want to be yellow, I want to be more golden. I have warm blondes, but not yellow blondes! Like Serena’s color, you have that balance.”

Even though warm tones are currently dominant, Capri adds that it doesn’t mean it’s exactly right for you-so you don’t have to give up your platinum yet. “Every color needs to be considered by every client, every human being is different,” she says. “From skin color to eye color to the underlying color, all this is connected, that is When the colors look great. ”

Bella Cacciatore is Glamor’s Cosmetology Associate. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.

Vintage Blonde is the New Platinum Source link Vintage Blonde is the New Platinum

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