Vinny Guadagnino: I Will NEVER Bang Angelina Pivarnick! I Would Rather Off Myself!

We think it’s safe to say that no one was terribly upset Chris Larangeira filed for divorce from Angelina Pivarnick.

Chris and Angelina’s marriage was a mess from the start, and the couple often ventilated their dirty laundry Jersey Shore.

So while ending a marriage is always a little sad, we believe fans have several reasons to be happy about this difference:

1. There are no more episodes dedicated to the ongoing quarrel between Pivarnick and Larangeira, and 2. we get to witness the return of single Angelina.

Just like single Ronnie, single Angeliners won’t be much, but when he comes, he has the potential to be alone (without word) to bring back the early seasons of chaos. Sleet.

Today, most actors are bound by the obligations of marriage and children.

But single Angelina has the freedom to drink as much as she wants, socialize around anything she wants … and of course hit Vinny Guadagnino.

Yes, the sexual tension between Vinny and Angelina has been a part Sleet from the beginning.

Unfortunately for Angen, Vinny has never responded to her affection.

These days, Guadagnino is back in Vegas preparing for the second stage on the Chippendale stage.

Vinny gave an interview Us Weekly on Wednesday, and the outlet asked if he could ever socialize with Angelina now that this is back in the thr market.

His answer probably won’t shock you:

“I’m on the 18th floor of my hotel. I’d rather jump from this balcony than ever entertain any of those rumors.” Guadagnino told the press release.

“I don’t know if people think I’m limiting or lying about this,” Vinny continued.

“When I tell you there isn’t a single bit of energy in my body or anything that has any kind of romantic appeal to Angelina, I promise I won’t.”

Without false modesty, Vinny went on to state that Angelina would definitely be dating her if she ever gave the slightest inclination that she could agree to such an arrangement.

“He probably broke. You know, I’m a pretty good catch,” he said.

“So if I, like, I would, and I was like,‘ Already Angelina, I really like you a lot. ’I mean… she wouldn’t say no, you know?

“But I don’t think he’s actively trying to be with me either.”

While she seemed to enjoy the ego boost caused by Angelina’s overtures, Vinny probably enjoys this respite from her attention.

And he’s probably safe for a while, because Pivarnick has a a lot on his plate these days, which means bagging Guadagnino is certainly pretty low on his priority list.

The world learned it recently Angelina had betrayed Chris two years before she got caught, so even a marriage with a divorce might get confused.

Apparently, Angelina slept with the actress (something he has wanted for some time!) when filming a Sleet spinoff in Spain.

When he other the side-piece found out about this fraud, he got so angry that he told Chris about their relationship.

So yeah, Vinny may not want to have anything to do with Angelina – but it sounds like she’s doing well without her!

Vinny Guadagnino: I Will NEVER Bang Angelina Pivarnick! I Would Rather Off Myself! Source link Vinny Guadagnino: I Will NEVER Bang Angelina Pivarnick! I Would Rather Off Myself!

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