Vigil held for 10 year old shooting victim

Adriana Santos says she’s trying to stay strong for her son, although she hasn’t been arrested for shooting due to the death of 10-year-old Lilianna Jimenez.

“I’m trying to keep myself because I have a son I’m looking forward to now. He’s experienced bad things and needs me more than ever.”

Santos told 23ABC that her 12-year-old boy and his father were also shot late Saturday night. Officials, including Mayor Irvin, were furious at the tragedy that killed Liliana.

The mayor said: children? Really? I mean you’re always listening to it, but now it’s in your backyard. Now you don’t know when it will hit you. Now do you have to look over to see if you are safe? “

Santos says her son and the father of her child are under close scrutiny after hospitalization.

Santos said. He is getting up and starting to move. And I think he started walking when he was a dad. “

No arrests have been made and no suspicious information has been released. Police say call Irvine Police at (661) 854-5583 if you know someone to help with the investigation or something related to it.

Vigil held for 10 year old shooting victim Source link Vigil held for 10 year old shooting victim

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