Vietnam War veteran in Ohio on a mission to rescue 50,000 dogs

Cincinnati, Ohio — Dogs are always known as human best friends For Mike Monahan, The four-legged best friend has become a dog named Chico.

“It’s been 51 years since I left Chico,” Monaghan said.

He said goodbye to Chico When he finished his mission tour during the Vietnam War. They were a patrol team together and Chico was trained to warn the team of trip wires.

He actually saved Monahan’s life.

“It was really a devoted relationship between Chico and me for a year, and in addition he saved my life, and there is a lot of guilt leaving him behind,” Monahan said. Said.

Courtesy, Mike Monahan

Chico received a steak for his actions to save Mike’s life. After Monaghan left the war, Chico was one of more than 4,000 other military working dogs euthanized or abandoned at the end of the war.

Mike has been writing a book called “Chico’s Promise” from Chico’s point of view for over a year. It covers his life from being handed over to the U.S. military by a former South Dakota owner to the day Mike says goodbye in a Vietnamese kennel.

Mike read that part of the book during our discussion.

“One day Mike went into my kennel, kneeled and put his arms around me,” “I love you, I love you. Sorry, what about this? I can’t even do it. Goodbye Chico. Thank you for saving my life, I promise I’ll never forget what kind of hero you are in my eyes. Then I heard the voice say, “Monahan, time to go. Jeep is waiting.” And just as it was over, I was alone again. Abandoned. “

“Writing a book in Chico’s voice gives me a completely different perspective from the end of guilt,” Monahan said.

Chico Book

WCPO staff

Now he wants to honor Chico more than just books. He wants to save the dog.

“I want to be able to raise money, and then all we do is team up with selected non-killing shelters,” Monaghan said. “Pay for adoption and perhaps other costs.”

He has a high funding goal in mind. He said he wanted to save 50,000 dogs.

“Thousands would be appropriate each year because they beat him,” Monaghan said. The world behind me. I want to save the dog in his memory, I want to be a national hero he deserves. “

Mike Monahan

WCPO staff

Those who want to contribute to Mike’s fundraising activities and learn more about Chico and Mike’s story You can do so here..

This story was originally published by WCPO Craig McKee.

Vietnam War veteran in Ohio on a mission to rescue 50,000 dogs Source link Vietnam War veteran in Ohio on a mission to rescue 50,000 dogs

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