Video: Kern County K-9 accidentally released, attacks compliant man on ground

A disturbing body camera video shows that Kern County Sheriff K-9 was accidentally released, attacking a man who was prone to falling to the ground, and responding to lawmakers’ orders.

The body camera in the case was recently released by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office as a result of an internal review.

In the video, a man who was not suspected of the stolen vehicle lay on the ground at the behest of a sheriff’s agent.

The dog was accidentally released from the patrol vehicle and rushed shortly after the man on the ground, first biting one arm and then the other, causing blood wounds when the agent tried to pry the dog open. I owed.

A handler that uses a metal tool to pry the animal’s jaw out of the man’s arm, which took a lot of effort to get rid of the dog.

The K-9 was “temporarily removed from patrol work” and the K-9 handler was reassigned to other patrol missions until he and his dog were recertified with additional training. Since then, both have completed additional training and are now back at work.

The incident happened on May 9.

The agent tracked the stolen GMC Sierra truck to a rural neighborhood and found a car on the street where several men were talking to the driver.

When the agent ordered the driver to stop, he first drove about 20 feet away and then stopped.

One of the men standing with a beer in his hand was knocked down to the ground. He immediately followed and spilled beer on the ground.

At that point, another agent arrived. He apparently had opened the patrol vehicle door to establish his cover and was probably unaware that the K-9 was inside and unrestrained.

When the dog is free, the adjutant can repeatedly hear “my bad, my bad my bad”.

After the incident, the driver of the stolen car was arrested. Another man in the area was arrested on an unpaid warrant.

The bitten ground man was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his injury.

The department continues to investigate the case. The case was not treated as a “use of force” under the definition of the law because the use of dogs was “determined to be accidental”, the Department’s Serious Case Review Board decided.

Kern County Sheriff Donnie Youngblood says the case shows that the department needs to make some changes.

“You probably watched the video. Of course it’s one of the things I wasn’t proud of. The important thing to note here is that this wasn’t a use of force. This was an accident. was.”

He said the incident happened in a chaotic and tense situation.

“There’s a lot of confusion. The other dogs there are really gone. It amplifies the dog. By the time the door opens, the dog was ready to chew.”

“We are pretty cautious. We are very thorough. We realized that we needed to make changes from the beginning. Having people biting the K-9 that might not have been bitten. You can not.”

A full video of the incident can be found here.

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Video: Kern County K-9 accidentally released, attacks compliant man on ground Source link Video: Kern County K-9 accidentally released, attacks compliant man on ground

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