Vice President Kamala Harris Warns Of Looming ‘Wars Fought Over Water’ – CBS San Francisco

Oakland (CBS SF) — Vice President Kamala Harris stays in his hometown of Oakland on Monday and returns to the Bay Area to promote the Biden administration’s US employment plans and the need to rebuild the country’s water supply infrastructure. I did.

Air Force 2 arrived at Auckland International Airport from Los Angeles shortly before 10 am. She was greeted by Deputy Governor Eleni Kunarakis, Senator Alex Padilla, who was vacant in the election of Senator Harris, and Senator Barbara Lee.

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Her convoy went straight to Auckland’s water treatment plant, where Harris joined Governor Gavin Newsom to take a walking tour of the Upper Sanliandro Treatment Plant in the East Bay Municipal Utility District.

She talked about how the new US employment plan will provide more than $ 111 billion in investment in the country’s water infrastructure to ensure it is safe and impartial.

“For years there was a war over oil, but in a short period of time there will be a war over water,” said Vice President Harris. “We must address inequality in access to clean water at the local federal level. Understand the opportunity to build a backup infrastructure around water.”

Her words addressed key concerns in another serious drought-risk area. San Francisco and Auckland, born of the typical rainy season, have less than half the normal rainfall.

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Newsom reiterated her concerns.

“Drought is not just a problem for California. It’s very important for the country and this infrastructure effort tends to be exaggerated, but it’s a game changer,” he said.

Vice President Harris moved on to a listening session at Red Door, a catering company made from fresh local ingredients, for various types of events.

The listening session will focus on the role of community development financial institutions or CDFIs and the importance of capitalizing SMEs in poorly serviced communities. Red Door received financial and technical support from the two Bay Area CDFIs, the Accion Opportunity Fund and the ICA.

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Harris planned to return to Los Angeles in a few hours to spend the night in Los Angeles.

Vice President Kamala Harris Warns Of Looming ‘Wars Fought Over Water’ – CBS San Francisco Source link Vice President Kamala Harris Warns Of Looming ‘Wars Fought Over Water’ – CBS San Francisco

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