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Photo: Provided by Robinette Family | SouthPasadenan.com News | Victor Alan Robinette (June 9, 1944-November 26, 2020)

Wearing a helmet with a huge blast red stop sign above and smiling Vic Robinette Once upon a time, the July 4th parade route in South Pasadena carried a bunch of red, white and blue balloons wrapped around a pole and didn’t feel the need for a second highway that crossed the town’s precious borders. Joined other people.

Considering that one of the 110 major roads was too many, highway combat units put up a “Noon 710” sign when walking half a mile along Mission Street on Independence Day, about 6 suggested. Showed opposition to Miles’ tunnel. A route that starts just outside the border of the city of Alhambra, passes under South Pasadena, and ends in Pasadena.

Like everyone else, Robinette is in an effort that lasted decades before the highway battle won the news in favor of South Pasadena residents when government officials finally stopped it forever. I said I wouldn’t thank you, I would cry enough.

Photo: Provided by Robinette Family | SouthPasadenan.com News | Vic Robinette dressed as Elwood Blues

Another July 4ththThe long-loved hometown tradition of the Blues Brothers, featuring classic cars, community groups, youth organizations, marching bands, and decorated biking kids, dressed like the brothers of Jake and Elwood. As a pair, they formed the Blues Brothers, who joined Scott Feldman, the former secretary general of the town’s Chamber of Commerce. They saw, felt, and instantly hit that part for an energetic and grateful crowd.

Indeed, he could not miss the opportunity to share a laugh, always add courage, and give back to the city that became part of his life.

South Pasadena Mayor Diana Mahmood was one of the largest rallies that attended a life celebration under a huge tent outside the Church of the Holy Family on Wednesday morning. It was so much fun that I was loved so much. ” Located on Freemont Avenue in the city.

Sad news for the community and everyone outside the city he touched came on Thanksgiving night on November 26, 2020, with the announcement of his death. An hour of worship at the church he attended regularly. Robinette, presided over by Clement J. Connolly, is memorable for his many contributions. The COVID was interfering with previous funeral arrangements, so the family deliberately postponed the virus case until it had largely subsided and scheduled his monument on his birthday. Robinette was born on June 9, 1944 and died at the age of 76.

File Photo: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | Vic Robinette, “Festival of Balloons” during the July 4, 2017 parade

Mahmood delivered the first reading during the ceremony, Church 3: 1-8, and later talked about the impact Robinette had on her and those who knew him. “He really enjoyed people and had a deep enthusiasm for life,” she said. “Our ex-city treasurer for many years has generously contributed his time and talent to our community until he was physically impossible. Vic was a very special person. With him. I can’t think of a couple as affectionate as his wife Gretchen. “

The other words used to describe him-warmth, dedication, multifacetedness, joy and elegance-were heard with true respect for his good name. The short film Life, Love, Laughter, produced by one of his two sons, Scott and his wife, Jenny, shows Vic’s enthusiasm and enthusiasm for life. Scott and Robinette’s other son, Patrick, lovingly talked about his deceased father. The same message was apparent from longtime friends and South Pasadena residents Peggy O’Leary and John Van Darkock. They were reading faithful prayers.

Gretchen, wife of Robinette, a good grammar advocate, talked about the day Vic’s friend made a badge like the seal of the city of South Pasadena. The words “Victor Robinette, South Pasadena Grammar Police” were written on it. The comments made people laugh.

One day Patrick said of his father: “Most of my life is spending time with my friends, and when I look at it, I think of all the different opportunities that correspond to it. He enjoyed nothing but spending time with his grandchildren.”

Aloha shirts are worn by some of the audience and show that they endorse one of Vic’s favorite escapes. “My dad always loved good parties,” Scott said, saying that in the last few hours he had a hard time muttering and speaking, and struggling to breathe, saying “every day is a treasure.”

In retrospect, Scott claimed that his dad was more worried about others than himself – even after all. “Thank you for being the best father, role model, and hero your son can ask for,” he said in tears.

Some were sitting under the tent, while others were sitting outside with an umbrella to fight off the heat of the sun, apparently being clients of Robinette, a 30-year certified accountant.he He served as the elected city treasurer of South Pasadena for 15 years, serving as AYSO coach, member and former president of Kiwanis, director and treasurer of the South Pasadena Conservation Foundation, and director and supporter of the Holy Family Church Finance Council.Of the City Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Oneonta Club He was also very active as a lecturer and parishioner of the Holy Family Church.

And of course, he couldn’t miss the chance to head to the South Pasadena Fire Department for the annual July 4th pancake breakfast. After that, the parade, an event he cherished, continued.

Robinette graduated from South Pasadena High School in 1962 and later moved to Pasadena City College, where he met Gretchen Gayman (SPHS class in 1963). Love entered the picture and the couple later got married. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in 1968, Vic and Gretchen were peace corps teachers, traveled to Borneo, Malaysia to share their knowledge, and then returned to South Pasadena to raise their families.

His obituary, written by his family, points out: “Vic’s legacy is full of love and friendship. He enjoyed spending most of his time with family and friends. He always lived a party life. He danced, history, politics, I loved participating in lively discussions about movies, languages, etc. “

According to those closest to him, the perfect day for Robinette was “to spend time with his grandchildren, to spend time with Gretchen in a Hawaiian villa, and to relax.” They looked at the world together, one outing to Southeast Asia, another outing to Europe, and a while ago to South Africa for a safari.

“Curiousness, family, friends, his love for the Holy Family Church, and the community were at the heart of Vic’s life,” said Protem Michael Cachotti, Mayor of South Pasadena, a 20-year member of the city council. I said after. “Bike the San Gabriel Valley on the weekends, enjoy a dog pool party with Vic and his lovely wife Gretchen” worked “with Vic and his black lab Jake, and hours with Vic and his friends. I was lucky to spend time with him. Accounting practice. He has always been a member of the City Government as a former Secretary of the City, South Pasadena Conservation Foundation, and a board member of the Oneonta Club, where he frequently discussed important community issues. “

Cacciotti acknowledged Robinette’s dedication to family, community, and faith. “He loved his wife Gretchen, his two boys, his daughter-in-law, and his grandson,” he said. “Vic has always been positive, witty, but kind and compassionate. He cares for the unfortunate, and he and Gretchen have always made our community a special place to live. I participated in so many volunteer and civic activities to make it. “

Near the end of Wednesday’s ceremony, 55-year-old Vic’s wife, Gretchen, read the inspirational poem “Transformation”, summarizing her true love for the man she really misses.

“Look at Turntide.

Waves crashing against skeletal cliffs

Rocks turn into stones, and stones turn into sand.

Inevitably, erosion of this land.

A slow and relentless process.

Devastation, transformation,


Broken heart, I’m a witness.

Sculpture of his face

Slow down his speech

His sharp weakening,

A sparkling heart.


Sharpening his spirit

When the beast becomes naked,

My beloved essence.

So he will soon return to Earth

I get on an airplane.

His uncontrollable vitality has been imprinted in our hearts forever.

This slow and relentless process.

Destruction, transformation,


Still, joy.

Memory, life, love,

Of joy.

Robinette is survived by his two sons, Patrick and Scott, his daughter-in-law, Jennie, and his grandchildren, Finn and Will Robinette. Vic’s extended family includes Becky Gayman-in-law, Becky’s partner Peter and daughter Jessica Power, Anna Hanisco, sister-in-law Leslie Howland and her family (husband Tom, daughter Laura Waritzko, son Christopher). )It is included. Howland.

Vic Rovinet | Life Celebration Remembers Former Treasury Secretary | South Pasadena

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