Venetian group condemns Sheriff Villanueva’s actions against the homeless –

Los Angeles — Several Venetian organizations have criticized the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. He said he was calling for “displacement and criminalization of uncontained people” on the promenade.

“This week, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and others, unfamiliar with Venice and its homeless residents, call for the displacement and criminalization of homeless people to’clean up’the promenade,” a statement released said. A press event was held on the Venice promenade. Friday afternoon by the Venice Family Clinic. Grassroots neighbors; safe place for young people; black, indigenous and colored elders in Venice; Venice community housing; and the Venice Justice Commission.

“Again, this approach has failed in Los Angeles and has already harmed people who are dealing with the crisis, trauma, and the extreme shortage of affordable housing throughout our region, especially in the West Side. It has been proven to exert. “

The group said the homeless crisis was “reducing decades of investment in affordable housing and other important resources, systematic racism in land use policies, housing, employment, mass imprisonment policies, and income and wealth. It was caused by “increasing inequality in the world”, he added.

It called for homeless kindness, local reach, access to medicine, and investment in permanent housing solutions.

“Our collective community works together to provide emergency services, secure, preserve and build housing, and protect the rights of homeless people. Those interested in mitigating the homeless since Venice. Is a human-centered framework for social justice. “

Councilor Mike Bonin, who represents the neighborhood of the Los Angeles City Council, also met with homeless people around the Oceanfront Walk in Venice, outside of Sheriff’s jurisdiction, and criticized the Sheriff’s efforts to clear up the camp. He called his existence “destructive.” And the opposite effect. “

Sheriff Alex Villanueva tweeted on Thursday that “experts should be left to outreach and housing.” It is harmful to enter and interfere with the work of a service provider trying to contain people quietly, diligently and in good faith. “

Venetian group condemns Sheriff Villanueva’s actions against the homeless –

Source link Venetian group condemns Sheriff Villanueva’s actions against the homeless –

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