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Perfect pitch, a singer’s ability to produce a specific musical note without a reference tone, is a rare phenomenon – only 1-5 out of 10,000 people have it. While your chances of crafting a perfect pitch deck that attracts that much-coveted VC interest aren’t all that bad, they’re not exactly in your favor either.

Venture capital breaks records worldwide in Q4 2021. The number of startups seeking funding increased 33% year over year and the time investors spent looking at individual pitch decks dropped to an all-time low: 2 minutes and 28 seconds. That is 12% less than in the previous year.

When the competition for investor time and attention is so intense, you need a standout pitch deck. It’s the most powerful tool you have to convince investors that they should set up a meeting to learn more about you, your product and your company.

The road to a perfect pitch deck is paved with countless revisions, and a source of constructive expert feedback can be invaluable. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce that Carlotta “Lotti” Siniscalco, a Partner at Emergence Capital, will be leading an interactive session entitled Pitch deck demolition at TechCrunch early stage on 04/14

During this session, Siniscalco will analyze and critique current work-in-progress pitch decks submitted by listeners. She will identify which elements work and which fail – and she will explain why on both counts.

Siniscalco is the first female partner at Emergence Capital and she earned this award for her exceptional impact on EC’s firm, team and portfolio companies. She invests in early-stage enterprise software companies and her portfolio includes Convex, High Alpha, Oyster, Talent Hack and Whistic.

Prior to joining Emergence, Siniscalco worked at Advent International – a large global private equity fund – as an investor in financial services and financial technology companies and also as an observer on the board of Transunion.

Her early career, which began as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, includes a stint in the BizOps group at Nerdwallet and as an early-stage investor at Ribbit Capital, a fintech-focused VC.

A pitch deck has only one task: to organize the meeting. It’s the entry point for whatever you want next. Take this opportunity to watch Pitch decks from an investor perspective. Join Lotti Siniscalco and learn the business-critical dos and don’ts for building the perfect pitch deck.

TC early phase Sessions provide plenty of time to engage, ask questions, and go home with a deeper, working understanding of issues and skills essential to startup success. Register now before the $249 Founder Tickets sell out!

VC Lotti Siniscalco shares dos and don’ts in the Pitch Deck Teardown at TC Early Stage – TechCrunch Source link VC Lotti Siniscalco shares dos and don’ts in the Pitch Deck Teardown at TC Early Stage – TechCrunch

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