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‘Varsity Blues’ College Admissions Scam Masterminds 50 Parents and Coaches in Largest College Admissions Scam U.S. Has Ever Prosecuted Despite “Unprecedented” Cooperation with Federal Investigators in Boston Despite being convicted, he deserves six years in prison, the government said.

Rick Singer was “most guilty” of the scheme, obstructing justice when he warned at least six family members that he was making deals and working with the government, federal prosecutors say. Stated.

Singer who was once a millionaire luxury homes in newport beach When I currently live in a trailer park in Floridafaces sentencing Jan. 4 in Boston for a crime that rocked the college campus and prompted an admissions overhaul.

Singer’s attorney said he should not be jailed.

They asked the judge to give him a “substantial” break in light of his extensive cooperation.

“Whatever was said about Rick’s crimes, his cooperation resulted in important reforms at a great cost to his own safety and reputation,” his attorney told the court in a probation request. .

Singer, according to court testimony Earned about $28 million from the schemehad to forfeit $3.4 million and paid out $1.2 million to date.

He is the last person to be convicted in connection with a decade-long scandal that has led to more than 50 arrests and convictions, including celebrities such as: Felicity Huffman When Lori Loughlin I used Singer’s services to enroll my children in an elite school.

his plan He paid test proctors and administrators to cheat on college entrance exams and bribed college physical education coaches and administrators to recruit applicants based on forged credentials, according to court documents. It included designating as a sports recruit.

In his own words, the singer said in court that he felt both responsible and ashamed of his actions.

“I am reflecting on my very poor judgment and the criminal behavior that has become more and more my way of life. I wake up every day feeling shame and remorse and regret,” Singer said. Ahead of the judgment, he wrote in recent court filings. “I accept full responsibility for my crimes.”

Reflecting on his own wealth-sacrificing plans, he sees his motivation as being a fierce competitiveness to “win at all costs.”

Singer said, “By ignoring what was morally, ethically, and legally correct, and prioritizing winning what I thought was the ‘game’ of college admissions, I lost everything.

In their respective sentencing memos, prosecutors acknowledged Singer’s cooperation with the government as “historic” and “extremely important.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report. ‘Varsity Blues’ mastermind Rick Singer deserves six years in prison, prosecutors say – Orange County Register

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