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Vallejoans made a “donation” for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Volunteers from the First Baptist Church, Hill, Vallejo, and Calvary Community Church participated in the Vallejo Together and had a wonderful day of fellowship and dining in more than 25 locations in the city.

“We can’t skip a day. We do this every Monday-Friday and today is Thursday,” said Francie McKinney McMillan of Valley Hot Gather. “We have to witness for all the friends in the community who live outside on the street. But I think what we are doing today is really great. 200 meals all over the city Is available. “

McInerney MacMillan even said that the reaction of the people receiving the meal was mixed and some people even expected them. But that didn’t matter to her.

“Hey, it’s not the skin on our backs,” she said. “I love this kind of community gathering, and we can all have a big meal with our loved ones that day.”

Thanksgiving is another helpful opportunity for Rev. Mike Brown of the First Baptist Church.

“I treat it like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter every day,” Brown said. “I am serving the Lord because the Lord loves me. I am serving everyone else because the Lord wants me today.”

Brown was particularly proud of his homemade sweet potato recipe. The minister said volunteers would make plates for 200 people and another 150 would eat at church from 11:00 am. The live band started playing songs for the attendees around 10am.

Steve Bussel appeared shortly before 10am to help the kitchen with as few fanfares as possible.

“I don’t think what I’m doing today is that special,” Bussell said. “God has given me a heart. If it’s heartfelt, I’m not bragging about this on social media. I’ve been helping out for years on Thanksgiving. — I think holidays are about making it for other people. “

Sean West, Suzanne Peck, and Garrett Toles worked on social media on Thursday — mostly to find out where homeless people were hanging out. The trio distributed free meals including turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, sweet rolls, cranberry sauce, cookies, soda, and 200 food plates with water.

Sean West and Suzanne Peck, along with Garrett Toles (not shown in the photo), are helping to hand out food boxes to people in need at Vallejo on Thursday. (Thomas Gase-Times Herald)

Around 11:00 am, the group handed out boxes to CVS off Sonoma Boulevard and to the old Rayleigh location near Sereno Drive.

“We wanted to see everyone in need and make sure they had a plate to eat this year alone,” West said. “This is the first time for us and I don’t know how to do this, but I would like to help restore the Vallejo community. I have lived in this town for 40 years. I love the people here. “

West is online on Twitter and various Facebook groups looking for different destinations for most of the week. He admits that many people have donated time, money and food to the success of this project.

“The other day I asked for a waterproof sleeping bag, but a few hours later, eight were donated,” West said. “When we needed something, people answered, and we usually have it the next day.”

“Many people are frozen from the cold of the night, so it’s great to help them that way,” Peck said. “We talked about doing something like this for a while, and this past Halloween has begun to help people. Now that we’re going to do something like this every holiday. think.”

West and Peck said they would drive the town all day long until all meals were finished. They also had lots of blankets, socks and jackets to hand out.

Later that day, the chef of the Chris Club in Vallejo prepared a meal from 2 pm to 8 pm.

NuNu Glover-Holloway and her husband, Derek Holloway, Nunu’s Desserts with Soul also 360 Del Mar Ave for 30 families to eat throughout the day. Was useful in.

“We are looking for not only all the people who are alone today, but all the elderly and those who are in financial stress,” said Glover Hollowway. “We have booked a lot of meals and are happy to be able to help.

West agreed.

“We continue to shoot all these, and as you know, we can’t get all the gangs out of the street, but we can make this a more livable place. You can, “said West.

Vallejoans give back to community on Thanksgiving – Times-Herald Source link Vallejoans give back to community on Thanksgiving – Times-Herald

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