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Life is like the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom rides in Vallejo, full of twists, turns, and screams. On Tuesday morning, however, the park was also a scene of inspiration.

Encouraged by Kaiser Permanente, the Empower Youth Summit was held as a day of education and inspiration for eighth graders in Vallejo. This is the third time that the Kaiser Permanente of Napa Solano has organized the Empower Youth Summit of the Unified School District of Vallejo City, with the opening ceremony starting in 2019 and reaching more than 700 students.

This year, several speakers, including former Jerry Rice 49er, former giant Barry Bonds, Cedric the Entertainer, and many others from the business, professional sports, and entertainment industries, shared life lessons and strategies for student success.

Students learned about overcoming barriers, leadership skills, mental health and well-being, career development, peer pressure, bullying, and goal setting.

One of the approximately 500 students in the 2022 event was Dendrick Dilley, an eighth grader at Hogan Middle School.

Hogan Middle School student Dendrick Dilley poses at the Kaiser Permanente Empower Youth Summit on Tuesday at Vallejo’s Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. (Photo courtesy)

“I think all the speakers were very inspiring and very strong,” Dilley said. “In my daily life I am not able to see or hear these very talented people. I heard that some famous people might show up because that happened a few years ago, but to see these famous and successful people and three or five keep coming, that’s something else. Seeing Barry Bonds, Jerry Rice and Cedric the Entertainer, people at that level, says a lot. ”

Dilley said the main message he took for the event was old, but it was still true: “Don’t give up.”

I know it’s an old cliché, but seeing and hearing people who have used that saying to their advantage has meant a lot to me, ”Dilley said. “I think I was on the right track in my life, but I think this is a reinforcement. I think my dream can come true now. ”

Other public speakers included …

  • Nor Jemjemian, Kaiser Permanente Napa Solano Vice President and Area Manager
  • Chris Walker, MD, Chief Physician of Napa Solano Permanent Kaiser
  • Kevin Bracy, Motivational Animator, Executive Producer, Coach Speaker and Author, REACH One Alliance
  • Christine Simmons, Chief Operating Officer of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Mathew Knowles, record manager, businessman and university professor, as well as the manager of the music group Destiny’s Child

It was nice to see the kids and their electrical reactions, “Walker said. These were the two things I wanted to take home today: to smile and be engaged and to give hope. I wanted them to start believing that they could achieve something beyond their imagination. ”

Walker said Kaiser called on schools to see what grade the event should be held and said most schools responded with an eighth grade.

“We also found a statistic that says the decisions people make from the eighth grade onwards are more important in their lives,” Walker said. “It becomes a thing where if their path deviates too much in the wrong direction, it’s hard to break in the right direction.”

Nor Jejemian, Kaiser Permanente, vice president and head of Napa Solano, agreed with Walker.

“This is a key point in the lives of these students. Empower Youth Summit provided a day of motivational and inspirational messages for sports, entertainment and business leaders, “said Jemjemian. .

Vacaville City Council member and Solano College professor Michael Silva said he was also “inspired” by the event.

“I really want to thank Kais for investing so much in young people,” Silva said. “Children are the most cherished in our society because they are our future. I have to thank Kais for taking out some people who seem bigger than life and for getting the kids to jump out of their seats to see them.

“I think more than anything, kids want to do something meaningful in their lives,” Silva said. “A lot of people get to the crossroads of their lives, where they choose one path or the other. This event is to ensure that we do all we can to help these children, that there is more for them in this world. I was thrilled to see so many people in Kaiser today, because the Bay Area is the epicenter of the health world. That workforce is growing here. So we need these kids to have these jobs in the future and play an important role. ”

Vallejo youth inspired at empowerment event at Six Flags – Times-Herald Source link Vallejo youth inspired at empowerment event at Six Flags – Times-Herald

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