Vallejo Police Department conducts DUI checkpoint – Times-Herald

The Vallejo Police Station is set up to carry out drunk driving / driver’s license checkpoints in private locations on Fridays.

DUI checkpoints are established based on collision statistics and the frequency of DUI arrests. Officers look for signs of alcohol or drug disorders and ensure that the driver has the proper license.

According to the department, prescription drugs and drugs with warning labels that interfere with driving or operating machinery can also cause sufficient disability to drive drunk. Marijuana intake can also cause or cause drunk driving, especially in combination with alcohol and other drugs.

VPD provides this information to remind you of your responsibilities while driving.

• If you ingest alcohol or any substance that causes impairment, obtain a license and contact a calm designated driver to return home. Call a friend and use the ride-hailing service or public transport to reach your destination.

• If you are hosting a party with alcohol, monitor who is drinking and how much is being consumed to ensure that participants have a safe option to go home. We can also offer non-alcoholic beverages instead.

• If you are drunk driving or find someone with a visible disability, call 911.

Funding for this checkpoint will be provided to VPD with a grant from the California Road Safety Authority of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Vallejo Police Department conducts DUI checkpoint – Times-Herald Source link Vallejo Police Department conducts DUI checkpoint – Times-Herald

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