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Trident Seafoods is a Seattle-based international company that sends fishing vessels around Alaska.

Selling college students in a career possible at a 40-year-old company is Pat Cummings’ job. And on Thursday, Cummings briefly predicted the first question from students at a job fair in the fall of 2021 at California State University, Northridge Maritime Academy.

“How much do you pay?” He laughed.

Asking students doesn’t mean they don’t care about the job, Cummings said.

“They already know what it is for the choice of degree. They have a pretty good idea of ​​what the job will be,” he said. “The reality of life is that if you work for Trident you go to Alaska, and if you live in Southern California for the rest of your life you’re looking for a chance, but you go for money.”

Cummings has been with Trident for eight years and it is important to attend the twice-yearly Cal Maritime job fair.

“There is a good reaction here,” he said. “This school has excellent employees.”

Cummings said he was grateful to the Cal Maritime students. “They have a few” off-the-grid “ideas about life and the work that comes with it. So it’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. “

Students at the California Maritime Academy examined future possibilities at a five-hour fall job fair in 2021 on Thursday. (Rich Friedman / Times-Herald)

Trident Seafood was one of about 70 companies that participated on Thursday, from local businesses such as Male Island Dry Dock and Vallejo Police Station to regional, national and global representatives.

The five-hour job fair was beneficial to the 20-year-old Junior Erin Bailey.

“I want to see some companies and some possible places I can go to in the future,” she said.

Bailey attended all job fairs at the school to “consider different options.”

“It opened my eyes,” she said. “I’m from Kansas City. I’m new to any of this maritime industry. Every job fair is a new perspective on what I can do in the future.”

Bailey said she enrolled in Calmari Time. “It’s the only maritime academy on the west coast and I like boating. It was impulsive, but I don’t regret it at all.”

22-year-old fifth-grade James Casey said he’s always getting something from the job fair as he aims to enter the job fair in the spring of 2022.

“There are some shipyard jobs that look interesting,” Casey said. “My top priority is to find a company to train me. It’s not just about having a head. I left my resume on the Coast Guard just in case.”

Soren Wyszpolski, a 20-year-old student, said: As a sophomore, I obviously don’t necessarily want to pursue a career in any of these companies. Just get used to the process, look at your face and meet people. “

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Wyszpolski said of the event.

“I’m definitely here with this summer’s commercial cruise internship in mind,” he said.

21-year-old Aaron Cameron said the fair was “a place to find industry ties. Find sails and coastal openings. It’s really great.”

Cameron said it was easy to spend time attending the fair.

Stolen goods from pens to notepads and key chains are part of the twice-yearly job fair at Cal Maritime. (Rich Friedman / Times-Herald)

“There is no good opportunity to meet so many companies at the same time and answer questions at the same time,” he said.

Representatives of some companies were always answering student questions. Some were sitting behind the information table waiting for an approaching student.

Joe Pincus, director of financial assistance at the University of the Pacific McGeorge Law School in Sacramento, was waiting for an inquisitive mind.

“If anyone is interested in maritime law or any other kind of law enforcement policy, I’m here,” Pincus said. “I am here to provide information.”

And what if he took only a few students to the table?

“I don’t care,” he said. “If people aren’t interested, I understand. The law isn’t for everyone.”

Vallejo career fair at Cal Maritime whets students’ job appetite – Times-Herald Source link Vallejo career fair at Cal Maritime whets students’ job appetite – Times-Herald

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