USPS slowdown: Americans can expect some mail delivery delays, cuts to post office hours starting Friday

Washington-Americans across the country could see a slowdown in postal delivery as early as Friday, when the United States Postal Service implements new service standards.

Changes such as extended first-class postal delivery hours and reduced post office opening hours are part of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s 10-year plan announced earlier this year.

According to USPS spokesman Kim Frum, service changes do not affect nearly 60% of top-notch mail and almost every periodical. Within the region, the standard delivery time for a piece of first class mail remains at 2 days.

However, due to the longer USPS transit times, it may take longer for emails that travel long distances to arrive.

“These changes allow us to use more cost-effective means to transport first-class packages on the ground instead of using costly air transport. This includes weather, air transport, and Availability constraints, space competition, etc. make it less reliable. Handoffs are involved. “

Many Democrats are calling for the expulsion of Dejoy, a major Republican donor and former President Donald Trump.

Controversial plan

The USPS’s radical plan, entitled “Delivering for America,” promises to make postal services more competitive and more modern-including a fleet of new energy-friendly delivery vehicles. In March, Dejoy, a holdover of the Trump administration, told reporters at a press conference that “the aim is to capture the big picture of the organization and enhance its ability to meet business, competitiveness and national needs.”

However, several senior Democrats blew up the plan, and New York House Surveillance and Reform Chairman Carolyn Maloney criticized what she called “an unacceptable decision to permanently delay mail delivery.” Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly, who undertook Dejoy at a parliamentary hearing, calls it “a rigorous plan to guarantee the US Postal Service’s death spiral.”

Michigan Senator Gary Peters said he was concerned that service changes could hurt people who “rely on postal services for prescription drugs, financial statements, small business operations, etc.” ..

In the midst of a slowdown in mail in the summer of 2020, Democrats linked Dejoy to the then-President Trump’s anti-postal voting rhetoric. The party accused Dejoy of trying to block the post office as it does now-President Joe Biden relied on ballots mailed to him to deliver the White House.

At a parliamentary hearing at the time, Dejoy discussed slow delivery rates, the 2020 elections, and his plans for the next decade with Democrats.

In February, Dejoy apologized for the late email during the peak holiday season and said it was “unacceptable” to the Democratic-controlled Housing Surveillance and Reform Commission.

Also in February, Biden nominated three members of the board of government agencies. This was a move that some lawmakers hoped would eventually lead to the expulsion of Dejoy, and at the beginning of his inauguration, the administration fulfilled its promise to prioritize the board and government agencies. The candidate’s trio said at a parliamentary hearing in April that they had made no promises or pressures on the possibility of Dejoy’s dismissal.

The President cannot dismiss the Postmaster General. Only the post office board, which consists of members nominated by the president and approved by the Senate, has the authority to do so.

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USPS slowdown: Americans can expect some mail delivery delays, cuts to post office hours starting Friday Source link USPS slowdown: Americans can expect some mail delivery delays, cuts to post office hours starting Friday

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