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Los Angeles — One of the big questions facing the USC entering the 2021 season was who in the receiving army was ready to step up next to Drake London.

Throughout the two weeks, there was no clear answer. The Memphis transfer, Taj Washington, was a brilliant, if not steady, presence, but none of the young receivers stepped up in a meaningful way.

But Saturday’s victory over Washington could have given us a glimpse of who would emerge as a credible option. Anyone who is advancing the USC quarterback, Both Gary Bryant Jr. and Kyle Ford caught the first touchdown pass to the cougar.

Bryant, a sophomore, didn’t look like himself to start the season. Hamstring injuries and subsequent COVID-19 quarantine limited him from what he could do during the training camp and kept him away from the opening game against San Jose State University. In the next week’s match against Stanford, he wasn’t fast enough to reach the potential for a touchdown pass in the end zone.

However, Bryant returned to Washington at full speed, catching three passes at 56 yards. This includes a 38 yard touchdown reception with 4 downs that passed safety for a clear path to the end zone.

With a 3-yard touchdown run added to the mix, it was a great redemption after Bryant got off to a start this year.

“I’m struggling with myself, so I had to quit that (Stanford) game,” Bryant said. “I’m looking forward to the match, but I’m not thinking about getting ahead of the match. All I have to do now in practice is to play in practice and I’m sure everything will be carried over to the game. I know. “

Ford’s road to his first college touchdown was longer. Second graders in red shirts had to overcome the tears of two ACLs, including one in their senior season at Orange Luzaran. After participating in four games in 2019, he missed the entire 2020 season after summer surgery.

After a healthy scratch on San Jose State University, Ford made the first three career catches in the second week. He then gave a 36-yard touchdown reception to Washington State University, hitting a man and catching the ball from Jackson Dart at the right time. ..

“Obviously it’s good to be back, and obviously, as I said, I’m just confident every time I do that,” Ford said. “But to be honest, the biggest thing for me was that I was happy with it, but now that I’m past it, I can continue to make progress and build on it.”

USC WRs Gary Bryant, Kyle Ford making most of opportunities – San Bernardino Sun Source link USC WRs Gary Bryant, Kyle Ford making most of opportunities – San Bernardino Sun

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