USC Trojans might not win like artists, but they’re tough in the paint – San Bernardino Sun

From 30,000 feet, this doesn’t look like a 21-6 team.

However, the university’s hoop season is on the ground. Playing USC should look a little different.

Troy did not lead Saturday’s match at Pauley Pavilion. In Tay Edie, the man who missed five of the previous six three points won the last one.

With 1.4 seconds left to blow up the net, USC scored 64 points and UCLA 63, and the Trojan didn’t know whether to wait for the bus or grab the escape car.

Count the ways it shouldn’t have happened. USC was spending all the timeouts. In short, inbound passerby Ethan Anderson couldn’t stop the clock, which was counted up to five in his head. By the time Eaddy rushed to the corner to save him, he seemed to be lurking across the end line.

The Trojan continued to crumple the foul shot. They gave up an aggressive rebound to Bruins point guard Tyger Campbell. Tiger Campbell gave it to Cody Riley. Cody Riley led UCLA 63-60 with 1:57 remaining.

Evan Mobley, who could be their first overall draft topic, was bound by Bruins as well as 10 field goal attempts. There were no haste points at USC (and there were only two at UCLA). There was always no sustained wind behind the Trojan. Still, if Oregon State University could beat Oregon in Corvallis on Sunday, the USC would be able to win the Pac-12 solo championship.

“I didn’t play very well today,” Eaddy said. “It’s really special to compete that way and get it done from the defensive end.”

The actual results are impressive. 15 Pac-12 wins, 26 points win over BYU, 14 points win in Arizona, 8.1 rebound margin and 10 point scoring margin.

The actual sightings of sausage making were not so much fun. The Trojan died last week when it seemed possible to jog for regular season titles in Utah and Colorado. USC and UCLA have already played Oregon only once, so it’s already down in value.

Seen from a distance, there seems to be nothing easy for USC. But on the ground, there doesn’t seem to be anything easy for the team they play. Only one USC opponent shot 50% off the floor. Seven shot below .345.

“There were only seven new players and three returnees,” said Andy Enfield. “It was an amazing endeavor. If you said you had this record at this time of the year, you would have said,’Sign up and do it to the end.’

“But they have a great spirit and friendship about them. There isn’t much nonsense when entering the gym.”

The Trojan knew Mobley and his brother Isaiah when the journey began, and they knew Anderson. But with the exception of Chevez Goodwin (Wofford), no one knew of backup singers, transfers that didn’t come from the Power-5 League, or even particularly successful programs. They are all flawed, but they all played a lot of basketball. They were vaccinated with stress vaccines long ago.

Drew Peterson didn’t ring the bell very often, but when Anderson found him in the transition, he stroked three pointers and the USC was within 61-60 with 2:38 left. It was a 7-0 run grace note.

And the problem of Goodwin’s foul shoot was out of the question. What he did was bring 12 rebounds and 4 rebounds from the bench, clog the defensive lane, shoot a total of 8 free throws, and stop the clock Bruins wanted to run faster. I did.

Johnny Juzan, usually the most explosive blue-in, was injured and unable to play in the match. Still, if Bruins hit a free throw, they win. Bernard and Jamie Jakez missed the one-on-one front end in the last minute. Bruins’ field goal rate dropped from 60 in the first half to 42.3 in the second half, with only three assists in the 11 buckets in the second half.

“It was one-on-one and pride,” Eaddy said. “Once it started, it helped protect us. We need to understand it and not get into the holes like we do today. We can never be as lucky as we are today. “

With only two weeks left for the Pac-12 Hoop season, it is suspected that no one selected next Sunday will survive the first weekend.

But it’s worth noting that what USC has done is strange. Asked if clubs would meet to see the Oregon team compete on Sunday, Enfield reminded everyone that “you can’t have a’watch party’at COVID-19.”

If you keep your feet on the ground, you can get almost everything else.

USC Trojans might not win like artists, but they’re tough in the paint – San Bernardino Sun Source link USC Trojans might not win like artists, but they’re tough in the paint – San Bernardino Sun

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