US says it has no plans to return spy balloon wreckage to China

The US said it would not return wreckage from a Chinese reconnaissance balloon shot down by the Pentagon on Saturday to Beijing, even after technical experts finished analyzing the surveillance features aboard the aircraft.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said there were no plans to return the debris to China. Downing balloon. Beijing says the aircraft was used for civilian meteorological research, but the United States denies this claim.

asked if the United States would return part of it balloon Kirby said it was recovered by Navy divers conducting a salvage operation off the coast of South Carolina, but “didn’t know there were plans to return it.”

In 2001, a US spy plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a Chinese military base on Hainan Island after Chinese fighter jets attacked aircraft in international airspace in the South China Sea. But after spending months researching the aircraft.

A person familiar with the US government’s thinking on Saturday’s balloon incident said China was not seeking the return of the balloons at the time.

Kirby said the White House categorically denied Beijing’s remarks. Claim It said the US was ‘clearly’ wrong for violating international law

“Actually, that’s why we did it [shot down the balloon] It’s in our airspace about six miles from the coast so we can comply with international law,” Kirby said. “Unlike China, which has failed to comply with international law by flying in U.S. sovereign airspace.”

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the United States would “use” any part of the recovered balloons and payloads to learn more about the system. He added that the military advised him to shoot them down on the water.

The ballooning episode has derailed the two countries’ efforts to set a “floor” under turbulent ties, with US President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping needing to meet when they met in Bali in November. I agree that it is

Kirby emphasized on Monday that the United States is continuing its efforts to stabilize relations between the United States and China.

“Nobody wants to see conflict here,” Kirby said, despite US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken telling Beijing on Friday that he would cancel the visit in view of the discovery of balloons in China. , added that it had only “postponed” his planned visit to China. US airspace.

The US Navy on Monday continued a rescue operation that began shortly after the balloon crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday afternoon.

General Glenn Van Haak of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command said the balloon would be about 200 feet tall and the payload under the large orb (the part of the system that carries the surveillance equipment) would be the size of a regional jet. I said yes.

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