US regions with lax gun control laws bear brunt of firearm injury costs

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U.S. states with gun control laws are responsible for firearms killings, with the dollar tax making up almost half of the total, according to a study published in an access journal. Opening Surgery & Negative Care.

However time gunshot wounds and health care costs are higher in the poorest South, federal programs, Medicare and Medicaid, cover one-third of these costs, a condition that is equivalent to “anti-poor. politicsinsisted the researchers.

Gunshot wounds kill dozens of people, amounting to $ 229 billion annually directly. direct prices. The majority (82%) of all those killed by guns in developing countries in the last ten years have lived in the United States.

Weapon wound gun control laws affect spending, with policies different from the state. So the researchers wanted to find out the impact of gun control policies on prices and what percentage of these Medicare and Medicaid coverage covered across the United States.

They drew data from the National Inpatient Service (NIS) from the National Institutes of Health from 2005 to 2015, to identify people who were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

The region reported data: North East; Midwest; West; and the South. The Brady Gun Score is used to assess the impact of state gun control laws.

Between 2005 and 2015, 317,479 people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. The majority (89%) are men; Their average age is 31. Almost half of those admitted are black; more than 42 percent of Western participants are Hispanic.

The South has the highest percentage – more than 42% – of hospital admissions; The North East has the smallest (17%). The median rates for the Midwest and West were 21% and 20%, respectively.

Gunshot wounds cost US $ 7.77 billion in hospital admissions and tax returns between 2005 and 2015, with U.S. taxpayers collecting the largest amount (42%; $ 3 billion) of these targets.

With more than one-third of the U.S. population living in the South, this region accounts for over 41% ($ 3.21 billion) of total. On the other hand, the North East region, where about 18% of the population lives, contributed about 14% (US $ 1.98 billion) to the total.

Medicare and Medicaid, however, were the lowest in the South: 34% compared to 56% in the North East, 40.5% in the Midwest, and 42% in the West. The South also has the largest percentage of self-employed patients.

Southern states are more poor and have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, suggesting that the cost of gunshot wounds fell flat against those who could not afford them, the researchers said.

“The implications of this policy are clear: areas with the lowest gun policy are leading to more related costs. weapon weak, “they insisted.

Researchers agree that it is not possible to allocate prices to specific states or funds health costs than hospital admissions, but their estimates may ignore long-term costs of care, medications, and loss of productivity, they said.

“Government insurance programs are an important means of life for the elderly and the poor while providing a safe haven, although not enough, for a healthy price,” they wrote.

“Policies that allow for high levels of gun ownership while at the same time refusing to expand health coverage for the poor, uninsured, or uninsured residents represent the goal of fighting the poor,” they said.

Policy makers need to rethink the relationship between gun control laws with the support of taxpayers, completed.

American children pay a high price for gun violence

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Ten years of hospital prices for gunshot wounds in the U.S. region, 2005-2015: government health costs and gun policies, Opening Surgery & Negative Care (2022). DOI: 10.1136 // tsaco-2021-000854

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US regions with lax gun control laws bear brunt of firearm injury costs Source link US regions with lax gun control laws bear brunt of firearm injury costs

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