US ramps up deportation of Haitian refugees

With an estimated thousands of people, including many Haitian immigrants, camping under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, the United States is expanding its efforts to expel people from the US-Mexico border.

US officials said they were sending more people and flying people to Haiti and other countries where they previously lived.

“He walked behind us and migrated (officials). Not everyone is good. Some are bad. They deceived us in other countries. They too. We took our money. We lived a lot of lives. A disaster. ”

The video showed immigrants returning to Mexico across the Rio Grande on Friday.

“That’s not right. Americans have captured Haitians and deported everyone to Haiti. Haiti has no president, no job, nothing,” said Haitian immigrant Jean-Philippe Sams. rice field.

The Department of Homeland Security has said it has moved thousands of migrants so far, most of them facing expulsion under the CDC authorities adopted during the pandemic.

The agency said it is working to increase the capacity of its return flights, expecting at least one to three days a day.

“We are taking urgent humanitarian action with other relevant federal, state and local partners to reduce congestion and improve immigration conditions in the US soil,” said Alejandro Mallorcas. Said.

Mallorcus said he was concerned that Haitians might have received false information that the border was open.

“Because the facts of Haiti’s conditions do not guarantee the redesignation of Haiti and it is necessary to do that Haiti can actually accept individuals safely, we will evaluate it based on national conditions. Temporary protection status is available for temporary protection status. I was in the United States before July 29th and it hasn’t changed. ”

Haiti is dealing with the murder of a leader and the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in the southern region this summer.

“We are concerned that they will be sent back to Haiti, and then what kind of protection they can receive in other countries and the United States,” said US Refugee International. Said Jael Schacher, a senior advocate of the United States.

Schacher explained that some have recently left Haiti and others first moved to another country a few years ago.

“My main concern is that the Biden administration insists on sending a message to others to keep them from coming to the border, especially choosing Haitians as their population and expelling them to unsafe countries. It’s like a human rights catastrophe. “

Others are also against the situation.

“10,000 to 15,000 are not what the US government deals with. It’s not a crisis, it’s a choice. It’s a choice made by this administration to say that blacks aren’t worth the care. Patrice Lawrence, Executive Director of Undocu Black Network, said.

Lawrence said he was furious to see what was happening in Del Rio. The organization wrote to the administration a letter calling for the protection of Haitians after the assassination of President Haiti.

“I think their next step needs to be based on the compassion, consideration, fairness and justice of the system promised by the Biden and Biden Harris administrations,” Lawrence said.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has said it has promised to improve the situation in Haiti.

This story was originally reported by Haley Bull on Newsy.com.

US ramps up deportation of Haitian refugees Source link US ramps up deportation of Haitian refugees

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